About boricuafudd

I am just another citizen that is married, with 3 kids and finds that sometimes there are things that must be said.  I try not to espouse any particular point of view other than to say what I feel, after researching the facts.  I am an open page but I do not bend in the wind or go with the flow.

I have led an interesting life with a very diverse background that I often find gives me insights that perhaps provide a new way of critical thinking.  My aim is not to change anyone’s mind but to illustrate my thoughts and maybe how I arrived there, leaving you the reader to make up your mind.  I hope everyone that comes to this site enjoys it and leaves a comment and their insight so that we can share in the experience.




  1. Thanks for sticking up for me. It is out my hands so I will wait to see how he responds. Yes,we all have bad days and maybe that is what happened.

    I was stunned by some of the supportive emails I received from people who visit the site but at least I know I have some respect from others there.

    The truth has no agenda. Amen?

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