The New American Thugocracy

While I agree with Mr. McDaniel on the substance of his article, I disagree on some of the consequences he predicts for now. Two quick reasons, the EO only accomplishing in “officially” articulating what has been already public policy of this administration. The second reason is that it will not affect as many people as is has been claimed, for a variety of reasons but mostly due to another problem in our country, a bloated, inefficient government bureaucracy. You can read the new guidelines for the handling of illegals at:

The issuing of work permits is separate and will post as soon as more information is available. As Mr. McDaniels adds in response to a comment;

“If Mr. Obama had actually considered immigration “reform” a matter of importance, he had two solid years with absolute control of Congress, yet he chose to do nothing. Thereafter, he said, in public, more than 20 times that he did not have the lawful authority to do what he has done. Now Mr. Obama is claiming he waited six years and just got impatient. His lips were moving, so he was lying.

Congress fails to do something the President wants? Too bad. That’s our system of government; that’s checks and balances. That’s lawful.

Congress fails to do something less than a majority of Americans want? Too bad. That’s lawful, and if the people don’t like it, they can vote them out. That’s lawful too. They had their chance on November 4, and they repudiated Barack Obama and cleaned house on the Democrats.

Obstructionist? That’s lawful too, and if the people don’t like it, they can vote them out. But let’s remember that the House has sent more than 300 bills to the Senate, where Harry Reid, surely acting under orders from Mr. Obama, has not so much as allowed a vote on any of them. The people didn’t like that and gave control of the Senate to Republicans, kicking Reid out. All completely lawful and within the Constitution.

Even if one likes what Mr. Obama has done–the result–the means are entirely wrong, unlawful, and harmful to America.”

Stately McDaniel Manor

SunKingObamaOn Friday, November 21, 2014, Americans rose from slumber in a new nation, a nation not conceived in liberty, nor dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.By the blatantly unconstitutional ruses of “prosecutorial discretion” and imperial impatience, President Obama has swept away any restraint on presidential whim. He now unquestionably rules by edict, and all Americans are no longer free men and women, but subjects liable to awaken tomorrow to find more and more of their liberty, their opportunity, their ability to live their lives as they choose, gone.

President Obama has thrown down the last, definitive card. If all of his previous usurpations of the powers of the legislative branch, if every instance of his demonstrated contempt for the very real and specific constitutional limitations on executive power were not enough, his immigration power grab has made it plain: if he gets away with it…

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  1. There are a lot of silly comments at the present time. I have not read Mike’s article to date, but he is one who is more measured with his comments than a few others that I could name.

    Illegal immigration is a real issue. Something needs to be done about the illegal arrivals. They need to be deported immediately and not given the chance to remain in the country.

    Like the USA we have an illegal immigration problem BUT with Tony Abbott in control we have stopped the boats from arriving.

    This has not stopped the bleeding hearts. It seems that they have no issue with people arriving in leaky boats, or with the same people setting their boats on fire and deliberately disabling the boats, or that they destroy their identity papers, or that more than 1000 drowned at sea whilst trying to enter Australia illegally. On top of this it seems that the same bleeding hearts (the Greens and extreme leftists in particular) have no problem with the fact that the alleged refugees paid people smugglers thousands of dollars to get a passage on those leaky boats in the first place.

    I believe that you also have an issue with people smugglers. If people are paying to enter the country illegally then it is necessary to find the smugglers and send them to jail.

    This is a world-wide problem. Most of the other illegals are Muslim. It is not the Christians who are fleeing, even though they are truly the ones being persecuted.

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