The Tyranny of the Minority- Obama dismisses the Election

Specks of blue in a Red Sea. No wonder the Elitist in the East Coast and West Coast call it flyover country!

Elections season is over. There are some celebrating, while others are still in shock. The finger-pointing has begun for some, while others are lining up  the excuses. Others on the other hand are trying to game the system because it failed them.

The President has invalidated the results because only 1/3rd of the Nation bothered to vote in the Mid-Terms, leaving the other 2/3rds without a say in the matter. We cannot take the word of the minority as either a mandate or rebuke to his party or his policies.

The Tyranny of the Minority, is that they flipped the Senate from Democrat Party control to Republican, a terrible thing, indeed! How can we allow a minority of the people have the control to make such momentous decisions! It was not a national election! It was just a …  National Election where all the seats in Congress we up for grabs and 36 of the 100 Senates seats would be determined. Oh, I almost forgot 72% of the State Governors (36) were up for election as well.

I would say that the President misspoke, it is just as  likely that 2/3rds of the country opposed him and just voted by not bothering to cast a vote. Or that since he personalized the election when he said on Oct 2nd; “I am not on the ballot this fall. Michelle’s pretty happy about that. But make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them,” that only 1/3rd of the population supports his administration and that is why the Republicans won.

More telling is that the first minority-elected President would use this argument or excuse as to why the Republicans gains are not meaningful is more important. After all his coalition that got him elected and re-elected is composed of minority groups which he managed to play against each other in order to win. Now that this coalition is not succeeding he just dismisses the results.

There are others making this same argument as this editorial from Newark’s Star-Ledger complains:

The problem is that all states, big or small, get the same two seats in the Senate. That gives a nearly vacant state like Wyoming the same heft as California or New York. It gives a voter in Cheyenne 66 times more power than a voter in San Francisco in shaping the Senate.

Tom Moran the author of the editorial is not stopping there, he cites another reason for the Republican’s success which also blames those long dead “White Guys” (Founding Fathers) that wrote the Constitution.

The founders gave states the power to draw their own district lines, and both political parties have used it shamelessly through our history. The core idea is to draw district lines so that your opponents win big in just a few districts, wasting as many votes as possible.

Republicans happen to have the advantage after the 2010 census, so it was their turn to make mischief.

Gerrymandering, named after Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts and salamander in 1812 after he redrew an district that had the shape of a salamander. This excuse which I have seen repeated in several Leftist sites and repeated by several Prog commentators is especially rich, since gerrymandering has long been used by Democrats to preserve “Minority Districts”,  and would have not effect on state-wide Senate or Governor races where Congressional Districts don’t apply.

Texas 30th Congressional District 1991-1996

The same gerrymandering that produced Texas 30th Congressional District created in 1991 after the 1990 decennial Census allotted Texas extra seats.

This was one of 3 such districts that were intended to increase minority voting districts. Texas Governor George Bush opposed the new district as racial considerations were only considerations to the districts odd dimensions. In 1996, the Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision agreed and the district had to be redrawn. There are many District 30s out there but since districts are only redrawn every 10 years, unless there is a change of party affiliation in charge there is not impetus to fix the gerrymander.

Many of those complaining about gerrymandering are on record as supporting the practice in order to increase minority voting districts and increase their odds of gaining control of Congress. Now that the Congressional map is not as favorable this old dead White Guy legacy has to be relegated to history and State with a larger population need a larger proportion of Senators.

The Republicans won big, not only did they flipped the Senate, they also padded their Majority in Congress. They also added 3 extra more Governors with the Alaska still in contention but who regardless of the winner will caucus with the Republicans. That would make 29-30 Governors out of the 50 States. Some minority!

I guess this is more indicative of Progressives mentality, it is only good if it helps their cause. Otherwise it is antiquated, misguided, discriminatory and worst of all conservative. The idea of 2 Senators per State was designed with express purpose of preventing larger more populous States of being able to solely dictate policy and demolish the participation of smaller less populous States. Originally, the State’s Legislature would pick who would represent their own States.

This arrangement worked well until 1913 when the 17th Amendment was ratified. Long sought by Progressives since the 1890’s and its chief supporter Williams Jennings Bryan who ran for President 3 times losing in every occasion, and was serving as President Wilson’s Secretary of State at the time of the Amendment passage.

Interesting enough the 1890’s (the process had started years earlier) the Democrats regaining control of Southern States and changing their own Constitutions to restrict the Black vote. Poll taxes, grandfather laws and other means were used to restrict or deny the Black population their right to vote especially since in many Southern States Blacks constituted a large part of the population, a majority in many of those same States.

I should also note that the first Black Senator, Hiram Rhodes Revels in 1871 and the second Blanche Bruce in 1875 were both elected by the Mississippi Legislature under the original system. It was not until Edward William Brooke III from  Mass. was elected in 1966 that we would see another Black Senator in Congress. All 3 were also Republican. This election Republican Tim Scoot became the 1st Black Senator elected by popular vote in the former Confederate States.

The MSM has made much of the perceived ideological Right shift of the Republican Party, emphasis and demonizing the Tea Party influence for instance. The ideological shift Left of the Democrat Party which began in control its caucus in 2006 has been all but ignored. In 2006 the dissatisfaction with the Middle East Wars, the misrepresentation of the Bush Administration’s handling of Katrina among other things paved the way for the 2008 election of President Obama in a wave election as a result of that;

In 2009, Democrats had 60 senators, when you include the two independents who caucused with them; in 2015, they will have 45.
In 2009, Democrats had 256 members of the House; in 2015, they will have 192.
In 2009, Democrats had 28 governors; in 2015, they will have 18.
In 2009, Democrats controlled both legislative chambers in 27 states; in 2015, they will control only 11.
In 2009, Democrats controlled 62 legislative chambers; in 2015, they will control only 28 (with one tie and two still undecided).

The results of those 2 elections were rolled back beginning in the wave 2010 elections by the Republicans and in 2012 though minor loses on National offices, there made gains in many States in local elections, either consolidating or flipping local Legislatures.

MId-terms elections are really about your motivating your base. Historically, the President’s party suffers some loses in Mid-Terms only 3 times in 1934, 1998 and 2002 have the President’s party made gains on the Mid-Terms. Looking at shorter-term trends, after this past election it would mean that from 1994 until at least 2016 the Republicans would have control of the Senate for 12 yrs and House for 18 yrs something that should concern the Democrats.

The successes of by the Democrats in 2006 and 2008 appear an aberration rather than a trend. If President Obama and his Party want to deceive themselves and believe the cheering media that is on them. In the meantime as the President alluded to the Tyranny of the Minority will continue. How long before this minority is considered a majority, I guess we will have to wait until 2016.