They are the same!


A few days before the confab of Nations, to which China-the largest emitter of CO2, India- fast on China’s heels, Germany- Europe’s largest economic power, Russia, Canada, Australia also failed to attend, a few hundred thousand people marched in NY calling on Global leaders for more action against this terrible menace. Strangely enough the protest demanding more governmental involvement to combat AGW, turned into something a little different. Yes, the AGW was the focus but, very prominently there were groups that were calling for Totalitarianism and a Marxist revolution as the way to combat AGW.

Noah Rothman nails this one:

There appear to be two strains of protesters who attended the People’s March. Some cling desperately to the ideals of Marx and who repeat rhetoric and slogans which have largely remained unchanged since the Rutherford B. Hayes administration. These folks ironically consider themselves “progressives.” The other strain of protester who spoke with Foster seemed lost, misplaced, left behind in a world which no longer made much sense.

It is a condition as old as time; the aimless in search of personal meaning complement the ranks of a movement which promises personal purpose. The revolution is over, but the tragically committed revolutionaries persist.

Or as another commenter, Ignatz on JOM blog said;

Lefties love to talk about revolution, “cause change” fundamental transformations, progress, etc., but they are the most retrograde reactionaries imaginable.

They want a one-time revolution to cement and codify utter stasis.

People who talk about change are scared to death of the creative destruction of free markets.

People who worship Darwinian progress, which after all implies millions of extinctions, want to save every single evolutionary cul-de-sac of a species they can find living in some pothole or cave somewhere.

Their desire to somehow fix our climate to an optimum they have arbitrarily decided is in all our interests is obvious.

Less obvious is their desire for the tranquility and stultifying sameness of socialism, not because it’s fair but because it’s predictable and controllable and therefore not as disruptive and scary.

They seek the perennial childlike state of someone else supplying their security while they indulge their pleasures, presumably because they regret ever having to grow up.

These fools of all ages are on a children’s crusade to compel the adults of the world to create an actual real-world Neverland for them where nothing ever changes, they’ll never age and they can pretend they’re somehow going to be the magical ones picked by fate to cheat death.

Posted by: Ignatz


Among the participants at that March was Robert Kennedy Jr. who besides calling for the arrest of anyone who did not agree that AGW was life defining threat to Humankind had this to say; “one of the biggest canards that the press if falling for is blaming individuals for their own choices. That’s not the issue, the issue is what’s happening on Capitol Hill and that’s the thing you guys aren’t paying attention to,” while being interviewed by Michele Fields. Why should he give up his yacht or plane rides or large mansions, why should he or anyone else change their lifestyle? All we need to do is have government mandate higher gas mileage in cars, use less energy, build more windmills (away from his home, of course) and everything will be fine. I wonder if he ever thought that the quickest way for government to lower its energy usage is to shrink the government in size a very Conservative idea, but we know that is not what he means or that this would ever occurred to him.

That is Progressivism today, no individual responsibility, everything that happens is the fault of others and the solution is more government. We can live carefree, drink all we want, have sex with whoever we want with no regard to any of the possible consequences, free contraceptives, get pregnant-abortion on demand, have a baby- government assistance, get a disease-government healthcare and if there is not cure, well the ensure that the government is spending tons of money to find one. Get caught committing a crime-leniency, after all you grew up in a low-income neighborhood without parents or you grew up in high income neighborhood and your parents ignored you. Either way you were not responsible for any of it. It is any wonder that so many young people are Progressives, no matter what they do their responsibility for their actions is removed.

This is all a façade, someone eventually has to pay either now or later. The Black community is paying the price of generations of kids that have grown up without a father, to the point that second generation immigrant families are better off than they are., We have millions of Millennials that took out thousands in student loans for worthless degrees and the best job they can find in a barista. We have millions who have no concept of money, the value of the dollar and how it is tied to our ability to pay back those that buy our Treasury Bonds. How printing ever-increasing amount of dollars, erodes that value. I cringe everything that someone pundit says that all we need to do is have the government print more money to pay for everything that government should be doing for people. I wish they would read about Zimbabwe and how the once prosperous Rhodesia is now, or Argentina or Venezuela.

Progressives turn everything into something, spending on wasteful programs becomes investment, food stamps become economic engines, racist Democrats of the 60’s become racist Republicans 40 years later, questioning the welfare state becomes anti-poor and black, Unions are people but Corporations are not though both are composed of people, pro-choice is for lives while pro-life is against lives, shoot up some soldiers is a workplace violence act, decapitate a woman at your job is also workplace, being a skeptic is now being anti-science and equality is now discriminatory. This is how the Islamic State is anti-Islam, the moral relativity of Progressives demands it because if the Islamic State is a real Muslim movement we can’t oppose it. That would be rendering a negative judgment against the Muslim religion. It would mean that they are not responsible for their atrocities so we have to legitimize their religious motivations. This is why the Russian takeover of the Crimea or the further incursions in the Ukraine are treated as nothing more than a border dispute. There is no good or evil, no judgments to be rendered no victors and none vanquished.

Princeton U Press book from 2008;

Democracy is the power of the multitude. Reality is that such power needs administrators.

The Progressives aim to be the administrators, it is up to us to rein them in. I want to add that I know quite a few Progressives that are convinced that their way is the best way, and that they do so with the best of intentions but so do the jihadists of ISIS as did the communist in the Soviet Union, the Nazis of Germany or the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. We have a system that has worked, not perfectly as it human in design but has elevated millions out of poverty and protects our unalienable rights but to listen to Progressives our system is the cause of all evil, just like AGW it is the reason for cold snaps, hot spells, severe weather or lack of it. Regardless it is never wrong, it cannot ever be wrong, that is the way want it.

In the Progressive mind everything is possible, it the right people (them) are doing it, the results rarely if the intentions (their own) are good. Like the Museum of Non-Visible Art a project supported by actor, director James Franco, a museum dedicated to invisible art, a blank canvas with a small description your imagination provides the rest. Progressives provide a canvas filled with lofty rhetoric, ideals, praise and people’s imagination does the rest. ISIS does the same with a canvas framed by religious fanaticism and promises of carnal pleasures and eternal delights if they wage Holy War against anyone who does not share their sentiments.

Both philosophies promise much and deliver little, and they are both willing to sacrifice as many of us as it takes to prove their point. Even if it is useless.

PS. Here is Clarice Feldman and her Sunday Pieces, talking about the same subject. I swear she must be hacking into my computer! LOL!! Here’s Bill Whittle with his take;

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