In Search of Meaning, why do they do it?

At the time of his research the prevailing thought was that only some individuals who possessed certain personalities were predispose to prejudice. Tajfel felt that this was wrong he pointed out that without the help/support of ordinary Germans Nazism would not have been as successful. He sought to discover whether prejudice was the result of regular thinking or an extraordinary result in those with predisposed personalities. As a result of his research with a one of his students John Turner they developed the “social identity theory” which they believe could be a predictor of social behavior between different groups.

As a result of their research, they concluded that people have a built-in tendency to categorize themselves as part of a group or groups and would guide their actions based on what was most beneficial to the groups that they most self-identified with. These groups would offer both an identity (they would describe them) and self-esteem (make them feel good about themselves). We all have biases against each other based on what in-group we most self-identified with. This and other social psychology theories have had profound influence on how we have come to deal with group dynamics, intergroup relations, views on prejudice, stereotyping and organizational psychology.

The theory advanced the notion that we are all prejudiced against others while stripping our individuality as nothing more than the sum of other parts; those groups that we self-identify with. Armed with this theory and others like moral relativity, and on the presumption that we are all prejudiced, we have taken extreme measures to combat it, by removing or abstaining from rendering any judgments against any other group. Criticizing, or even pointing out how some groups’ behavior is detrimental to themselves or others has become taboo.

Taken a step further, this has immunized some groups from any discussion at it might be considered detrimental to their “social identity” either their view of themselves or their self-esteem. We can’t say that while the Feminist movement made great strides to gaining women’s equality of rights, it has now become virulently anti-male, anti-equality and even anti-women to those that don’t abide by its thinking.

The Black power movement and subsequent Black is beautiful movements made great strides for Blacks in the areas of entertainment, art and politics, its effects on the American Culture have been profound. Yet, their effect on Urban Culture which they came to symbolize has had a negative impact on their group. The anti-establishment, anti-law enforcement, misogynistic, fatalistic views have decimated black families and have relegated generations to fatherless homes, poverty, high levels of crime and lack of advancement. Combined with governmental policies that facilitate this has perpetuated this cycle from generations to generations.

This article from the Washington Post dating back to July 2005, says:

Interestingly, they blamed the black church for abetting the decline of the black family — by moderating virtually out of existence its once stern sanctions against extramarital sex and childbirth and by accepting the present trends as more or less inevitable.

They didn’t say — but might have — that black America’s almost reflexive search for outside explanations for our internal problems delayed the introspective examination that might have slowed the trend. What we have now is a changed culture — a culture whose worst aspects are reinforced by over sexualized popular entertainment and that places a reduced value on the things that produced nearly a century of socioeconomic improvement. For the first time since slavery, it is no longer possible to say with assurance that things are getting better.

Things have not gotten better, they have continued to deteriorate. Those that do try to point out the issues are ignored or ostracized. In most cases they are accused of being racist for pointing out the issues or just accused of blaming the victim (Blacks) for their own problems. This has had the unintended consequence of Blacks feeling victimized by “White Laws and Rules” further reinforcing their victim status.

Any interaction between Blacks and other groups are seen through the prism of Race first, before any consideration of the facts are taken into account. A recent example of this is the incident between the Police and actress Daniele Watts. Ms. Watts and her husband were engaging in lewd behavior in full view of others. Someone called the cops to report the acts, at which point the actress decided that this was a case of racial profiling, regardless of the actions which she was responsible for. Your can read the story here, and listen to the Police tape here.

Another recent incident was is detailed here, this incident is more problematic for me and illustrates in my opinion how far people go to protect their self-identity. The man is a firefighter, a public servant and one who is in constant and works with the police almost daily. That he felt the need to embellish the interaction with a White cop using his kids, ages 9 and 12 to do so to the news reporters is really sad. He is teaching his kids that lying is not only ok but planting the seed in their young minds that cops, especially White cops are bad. Luckily for the cops he was wearing a camera and the whole incident was captured, showing the truth of the encounter.

Mass Media and Academia have been the guilty the most in trying to protect the self-identity of preferred groups, from Blacks to Gays to Nerds, mass media has taken the role of guardian of the groups that it supports. It has also been the attack dog, by reporting or portraying negatively those that point out anything that would sow doubts unto those preferred groups. Academia provides the legitimacy by conducting studies to support their positions and Mass Media uses its mouthpiece to spread the message.

Two examples of this, is the reporting on AGW(Anthropogenic Global Warming) and that of Islamic terrorism. With AGW, media companies have produced movies (2012, An Inconvenient Truth, The Day after Tomorrow, Wall-E) all of them blaming White man for the destroying the Earth. At the same time Academia has been busy producing countless of reports, studies, many of which have either been withdrawn or debunked about the impending climate catastrophe. Articles have been written about how climate “denialist” should be committed, imprisoned and even killed, this despite that even according to climate scientist the world has not warmed in 15+ years.

The case with Islam is a little more complicated, prior to the early 70’s Islamic terrorism was confined to the region. The heated up Cold War, assisted to export Islamic terrorist to Europe. Groups like the PLO aligned with the Soviet Union who provided those groups with financing as well as logistics which allowed them to perform their terrorist activities. Those networks developed during that era would come in handy when Islamic terrorist used those years later.

But this is recent history, because it ignores that Islam has been at odds with the West since its inception. In 639AD the successor to Mohammed, Caliph Umar sent troops to Byzantine Egypt as well as attacking Syria and conquering those areas. From there they continued along North Africa capturing Carthage and thereby expelling the Byzantines from Africa. The wars of conquest continued for hundreds of years until Constantinople fell in 1453 marking the end of the Byzantine Empire. Muslim aggression in the West Christian areas did not end there as they continued their march west into the Balkan, Crimea, Hungary only to be stopped at the Gates of Vienna in 1683.

After that there was a slow roll back of Muslims conquests culminating at the end of WWI and the final dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. You have to look deep to find references to the Muslims slave raids of European towns, blond light skin women were very popular in the Harems. Or to find mention of the slave raids of African tribes in Northern Africa during the period of Muslim dominance and presence in Europe.

One of the most important aspects of Islam is Sharia Law, derived from the teachings of the Qu ‘ran. Sharia Law dictates among other things the sentences and how they will be carried out. Beheadings is among those sentences. Other sentences that will also get you the death penalty under Sharia Law;









Adultery (stoning is the method used to carry this sentence)

Drug Use/Trafficking

There are those here in the US and the West that think that Sharia Law is compatible with our laws and Constitution but it isn’t and will never be. The pull of safe guarding the self-identity of Muslims and prevent prejudice against them has blinded many into thinking and believing the two can be reconciled.

It is not that the West is declaring war on Islam is that Islam has been and will always be at war with the West. This simple realization escapes many. This is not to say that there are no peaceful, Muslims and that we cannot coexist but that the religion at its core represents us as the enemy. There are only 3 ways that Islam allows the kaffir (non-Muslims) to be treated; subjugation, conversion or death.

Here’s how Brother Rachid , the son of a Muslim Imam from Morocco (a moderate Muslim country) explains it in a video letter to President Obama;

There are many other examples that I could use to illustrate how we have corrupted the theory of self-identity and how it leads to prejudice. We did not need it, as anthropologist could have told us the same thing, it is a survival instinct; we trust that which we know and distrust that which is strange or unknown, this simple rule allowed us to survive despite all of human weaknesses.

A Holocaust survivor sought to explain the origin or reason why the prejudices allowed Nazi Germany to thrive and commit atrocities. Now his theory is cannon fodder for those Progressives who view us the West as the scourge of the Earth. By determining that everyone is prejudiced, they sought to end prejudice by destroying, minimizing, embellishing all that the West has accomplish. They are still at it, Common Core, religious persecution, enabling Islamist, re-writing history, Climate Change, etc. all are designed to destroy Western Civilization by destroying our self-identity to the point that we begin to hate it as much as they do. What would rise from the ashes, no one knows but I am sure they think that Utopia would follow.

The problem is that they have succeeded to a large extent and by destroying our self-identity they have taken away our meaning, our purpose. Without meaning and purpose people have to look elsewhere to fill that void. Why are so many joining ISIS, many ask? Because ISIS gives them a purpose, a larger meaning to their lives.

Why do so many of young black males join gangs, even though they know that chances are that they will either end up in jail or dead? Again, those gangs fill a void in their lives. Especially when the message is that we are all prejudiced against them, that they have no future in our society.

Unless, that is you are a World Class athlete, a singer or entertainer or an artist. All other avenues of advancement are closed to them. Education is for White or Asians who are smart. Don’t worry, they will be protected and care for by the government and anyone foolish enough to point out the facts will be silenced.

Why do they do it? To have meaning, to replace that which has been stolen by destroying our purpose.





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