The Michael Brown Case: Initial Observations

I have tried to stay clear of this mess but the similarities to the Trayvon Martin case, from the same tactics to the inclusion of the same lawyers of Crump and company have made this impossible to not discuss.

Here’s is a great recap from Mike, which covers much of what has happened. I will only add the following to his recap;

The Governor, Democrat Nixon has deployed the National Guard to the area, after the events of last nights where 2 people were shot, cops were shot at and at least 7 arrest were made.

Missouri State Police Captain Ron Johnson is also a Ferguson native which was hoped would help in the situation.

The lawyers for the family, despite the forensic evidence from their own autopsy insist that one of the shots was from the back and his hands were up.

Finally, they are starting to call for the arrest of Officer Wilson. The call all we want is an arrest, a familiar refrain during the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case has begun.

Stately McDaniel Manor

Missouri State Police Captain Ron Johnson is a tall, big, imposing black man. He was sent to Ferguson, Missouri to dialogue with the people, to get down with them, to be a bridge over troubled waters. Unfortunately, he forgot his place; he forgot who and what he was. I am not, gentle readers, referring to race, at least not in that context.

credit: the credit: the

Ferguson, and the rest of America, are seeing community organizing at work. Descending on Ferguson are Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump–an attorney heavily involved in the George Zimmerman persecution-and the race hustling surrounding that prosecution–the New Black Panthers, and a variety of other race hustlers, media fellow travelers, and other social parasites.

Johnson, much of the media, and surely Johnson’s superiors apparently thought that because he is black and successful, he would have some magic power over the crowds and could establish “dialogue” and…

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  1. I spotted the similarities almost immediately but it is Conservative Treehouse who have been taking the lead when it comes to “discovery” of some facts.

    There are too many similarities, especially with the involvement of Sharpton, Jackson, Parks and Chump, as well as the DoJ through their racist unit, and the insertion of Eric Holder as well as Barry Soetoro.

    They want the “arrest” because it allows Parks and Chump to start putting pressure on the State to give big bucks to Brown’s mother for unlawful death… or something like that.

    The surface similarities are also intriguing including the use of media, the protests that have turned violent, the looting and of course the Black Panthers are on the scene demanding the death of Officer Wilson. The other similarity is that Brown was a drugged up hood who had committed strong arm robbery, and that Trayvon Martin was also a hood who had committed an act of violence on the body of George Zimmerman before he was shot… oh and I forgot to mention that Darren Wilson was sent to hospital to receive treatment for injuries that he sustained during the confrontation…

    Another similarity is the Big Fat Lie that has been told about what happened. In this case it is the unfounded claim that Brown was shot in the back as he was fleeing, more like he was rushing toward Officer Wilson when the fatal shot was fired.

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