Progressive Conundrums

 Tragic pessimist George Orwell could not have foreseen that individuals would give up their freedom to be punitive Big Brother themselves.— 


The self-immolation of LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling is a perfect example of Progressive hypocrisy and the conundrum that is the Progressive movement. Mr. Sterling who bought the team in 1981, when they were still playing in San Diego and promptly moved the team to LA in 1984, is an octogenarian who is still married but separated from his wife. As many rich or powerful people he had a young “thang” to warm him up at night. Not surprisingly,V. Stiviano, aka Vanessa Perez, aka Monica Gallegos, aka Maria Valdez enjoyed the company of younger men, something that Mr. Sterling apparently was aware of but ignored, as long as the young woman kept it private. But this being the generation of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others this particular young woman like to share pictures in the company of mostly athletes that her access through the association with Mr. Sterling gave her, and post them online. This obviously was distressing to Mr. Sterling, that he told the young lady, that this was not acceptable and this is where Mr. Sterling committed the proverbial cardinal sin, as most of the young lady’s “friends” were African-Americans and in today’s America there is no greater sin than that.

Here’s the conundrum, it is not that Mr. Sterling was shacking up with someone who could be his grand or even great-granddaughter or that he was still married while this was going on but, that he made bigoted statements and was opposed to said mistress bring her “black friends” to his games and use the access he provided her to do so. You see Mr. Sterling was scheduled to receive his second Lifetime Achievement Award from the NAACP, one of the reasons cited was Mr. Sterling’s support for the minority community, including providing up to 2000 kids with tickets to watch his team play. He has also given millions to the NCAA for scholarships and was a supporter of several Progressive politicians, contributing heavily for them. The NAACP had even defended Mr. Sterling in the past when he faced charges of that he discriminated against minorities by refusing to rent to them.

As Matt Walsh, writes in his blog;

In a normal and sane society, this sordid soap opera would never be discussed outside of gossip magazines and entertainment shows, because there’s nothing very newsworthy about it. A wealthy, morally bankrupt adulterer in Los Angeles professed some unsavory views, behind closed doors, to his manipulative morally bankrupt girlfriend.

Alright. And?

Donald Sterling can say and think whatever he wants to say and think. Given his situation, I’m not particularly surprised that he says and thinks offensive things. In fact, his overall lifestyle is far more repugnant than his ludicrous statements about black people.

We permit and even celebrate most forms of evil and debauchery in our society, so our Moral Outrage energy is stored, ready to be unleashed anytime an old white guy utters something untoward about minorities. Having removed sins like baby-killing, pornography, sex-trafficking, and infidelity from the ‘Things to Get Upset About’ column, this seems to be among the only universally recognized evils remaining.

I guess that explains why the media has pushed this to the front of their headlines, and the President of the United States of America took time out of his trip to Asia to bloviate about it.

Matt goes on to mention about other instances of Progressives doing and saying dumb, ignorant things without the same sort of outrage that Mr. Sterling is receiving and not paying any consequences as a result, not like Mr. Sterling, well worth reading the whole thing. Oh, did I mention he is banned from the league, and will not be able to make any executive decisions about his team, anymore. I wonder if he will still be allowed to sign the checks.

One area where the Progressives Conundrum is most evident is perhaps in the area of Sex, Gender and Marriage. What used to be the Gay and Lesbian community has grown from the LBG to LBGT to LBGTQIA community. I know, I know they were born that way and no, I have not idea what the initials stand for, their meaning changes. The NYT tries to explain their meaning in this article but this except pretty much covers it:

Armed with the millennial generation’s defining traits — Web savvy, boundless confidence and social networks that extend online and off — Stephen and his peers are forging a political identity all their own, often at odds with mainstream gay culture.

If the gay-rights movement today seems to revolve around same-sex marriage, this generation is seeking something more radical: an upending of gender roles beyond the binary of male/female. The core question isn’t whom they love, but who they are — that is, identity as distinct from sexual orientation.”

For better or for worse, Progressives want to remove and replace Gender and sexuality with whatever they want. Of course this creates problems that should not have been anticipated but those are First World problems. Other countries don’t have those luxuries, survival is a more pressing concern to them than whether you decide to be a boy today, a girl tomorrow, asexual the next. We have progressed from attempting a classless society to attempting a sexless one, biology be damned.

As the case of Dana McCallum demonstrate everything is not rosy in this new world. Y0u see Dana McCallum is legally known as Dana Contreras, and she is a transgendered lesbian accused of raping his wife who she had served divorce papers the day before after 6 years of marriage. If you are confused don’t worry, it is confusing as it appears that Dana went from a man to woman but is still married to a woman and having sexual relations with her. It is even stranger since in California a rape charge only applies when there is as pineal on vaginal assault. So it appears that lesbian Dana is at least biologically still a male.

You would think that the rape victim who was married to Mr./Ms. Dana would be getting support but in another Progressive conundrum she is being call a gold-digger trying to get a better settlement in the pending divorce by claiming rape. It turns out that Ms. Dana McCallum is a Senior engineer at Twitter and a big supporter of transgendered rights. Twitter which had its IPO recently was making Mrs. Dana McCallum a very rich woman, so naturally the Conservatives, I mean Progressives are defending Ms. McCallum by saying that this is the motive for the rape allegations. Just another Progressive Conundrum.


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