The Urban Dead

Courtesy of ABC News

A couple of weeks ago, the 4th season of the show The Walking Dead came to a conclusion.  If you have not watched the show on the AMC’s cable network it is the story of survivors from a Zombie Acopolyse.   How the catastrophe started is never explained but every human is a carrier so if they die they will turn into a Zombie.  Rick Grimes the protagonist of the story is a small town sheriff who wakes up to find his whole world devastated. The story then follows Rick as he searches to get to his family, and to his travels with other people that become part of his survivors group.

The whole Zombie Apocolypse genre has had a big resurgence of late and the The Walking Dead is not exception but on one big issue.  Whereas most previous Zombie movies have the zombies as the enemy in the Walking Dead it is the humans who are more dangerous and cause the most problems to our hero and his group.  Zombies in this telling are actually quite harmless, they can be easily outruned,  killed and only really dangerous in packs or if they can surround you.

The human survivors on the other hand commit all sorts of  atrocities.  They ravage, kill, rob other survivors and use zombies for their entertainment.  Rick and gang do well to stay away from other survivors, not that they are above committing some of the same atrocities themselves all in order to survive.


From CNN


They are like our urban zombies that live in any large Metropolitan area and are spreading everywhere else.  Like the zombies in the show our modern zombies don’t do much.  They only move to find food, they are easily led around and only their sheer numbers allow for their survivor.  Unlike the show our urban zombies have human facilitators.  There are humans whose job is to ensure that the urban zombies survive, they derive their own fortunes from ensuring the zombies survivors.

Like the show it is the humans that are the enemy to both the zombies and other humans.  Unlike the show urban zombies are curable though, there are humans and other zombies that attempt to maintain them as zombies for life.  Like the show the zombies are both pretty pathetic creatures, demanding more pity than fear and mostly harmless unless in packs.  Unlike the show where no one wants to become a zombie,  most of out zombies remain so voluntarily. In the show the only way to defeat the zombie is to destroy their brain, our urban zombies are cured when they use theirs.

The TV shows’ message seems to be that humanity is finished, if the zombies don’t get you, the other humans will.  Either way you lose, you might as well become a zombie or just kill yourself.  Our urban zombies have more options, though for how long…


Thanks to all who sent prayers and well wishes as I have been recovering from some health issues, I am getting better and hope  hear again from everyone.





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