Kendrick Johnson

I had been working on a write-up about this case but my friend Nettles has done a marvelous job putting things together with the information available.

As with the Zimmerman- Trayvon Martin case evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the authorities is alleged but there’s nothing concrete that would not require a mass conspiracy on the part of multiple government agencies. We are supposed to believe that this is so, contrary to evidence , because it happened in the South and the victim was black.

kNOw Truth, kNOw Justice

During the Christmas break, janitors stored 3 types of gym mats in the lower left corner (south-west) of the old gym.  The mats were neatly rolled, bound and stored vertically. At the back, against the wall were 4 blue cheerleading mats, in front of those 12 yellow wrestling mats and 5 red gym mats that students used to take jump shots with.  Here’s a wide shot of the mats.

kendrick wide shot of mats

Students returned to school on January 9th from Christmas break.  On January 11, 2013 at approximately 10:30 am, students playing on top of gym mats saw a pair of socked feet near the top of one of the blue cheerleading mats.  Police were on site at the school and entered the old gym about 3 minutes after it was reported (10:35 am).  Kendrick’s mom was in the school’s admin. office at that time and overheard on a counsellor’s too loud cell phone that a body had…

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