The Zimmerman Obsession

In a nationally televised speech President Obama, who was trying to make a case for military intervention in Syria had this to say;

And so to my friends on the right, I ask you to reconcile your commitment to America’s military might with a failure to act when a cause is so plainly just.

To my friends on the left, I ask you to reconcile your belief in freedom and dignity for all people with those images of children writhing in pain and going still on a cold hospital floor, for sometimes resolutions and statements of condemnation are simply not enough.

In case you missed it, the President’s friends on the Left believe in freedom and dignity (Trayvon Martin and his family),  while those on the right are only committed to America’s military might (gun-toting Zimmerman). That is how the Zimmerman story was sold to the public, a young child should be free to walk home from the store and not worry about gun-toting, trigger-happy vigilantes bullies.  That this did not bear the closest resemblance to the truth of that night is immaterial, the truth is what you make of it.

Some of my friends who identify with the left, are put out that members of the Zimmerman family are now embroiled in right-leaning media outlets, after all they are left leaning and they supported Zimmerman.  But there lies in the problem with labels, you can be socially liberal and conservative in other manners or vice versa.  Polls have consistently shown that Blacks as a group are socially conservative but liberal in towards government policy.  This makes sense since the feeling is that government liberated them and it is that government that keeps them that way.  Again, truth has little to do with it but the perception that counts.

Right now George Zimmerman is a celebrity, though not of his own making, anything he does or say is picked up as news.  But should it? As if the last 18 moths had not been hard enough, he now faces an uncertain future.  He has no money, no job (or prospects of getting one), no home and pretty soon no marriage.  I have tried to avoid the impending divorce of the Zimmermans as I see it as another victim of other people’s agenda, who have use the incident to profit themselves.

Recent revelations that some family members were actively plotting against Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, the lack of closure in the case, the impending unresolved at that time case of perjury against his wife, and all the outside influences providing advice, counsel, reclamations were due to have an effect.  It is hard to imagine how it had to be for someone to spend over a year. on a 6am to 6pm curfew, hiding, trying to avoid looking at the news, your future in limbo and all your plans shattered.

Zimmerman has lost more than any can imagine, and I can see why young Shellie Zimmerman may want to branch out in life.  Trayvon Martin, though dead, has a Foundation in his name, streets are named after him, as may laws, he universally seen as a victim, the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona wants to name an asteroid after him, the TM061 which had been discovered in 2000 but had remained unnamed. But none of these is enough, the sharks are still circling for blood.

Whether you feel that Zimmerman instigated the incident by following Trayvon or not, the fact remains that Zimmerman is a victim of a vicious attack that at least in his mind left him with no choice but to pull out his gun and shoot. Of a society that glamorize violence, sexism, nihilism but is too afraid to say, hey that is just too much.  By a society, that divides everything into left or right, rather right or wrong.  By a society who is skeptical about religion, but believes in vampires, ghosts and aliens.  A society that willingly blinds itself to the truth, if it is inconvenient, it the right people say so.  A society that allows ourselves to be divided by emotion, disregarding consequences.  It was emotion that drove Trayvon to attack Zimmerman and to continue attacking him, even after John Goode had told him to stop.  It is emotion that the President was using to try to get the Nations approval for a military strike. just as it was emotion that the prosecution was counting on to convict Zimmerman.

It is these same obsessive emotions that keep us hounding Zimmerman, let’s give the man a break.



    • I agree, that the emotions must of them brought by the one-sided coverage makes George a “celebrity” of sorts which sells. My issue is the hounding to make everything negative.

      For instance the time he stopped to help the family of the overturned vehicle, there were media outlets that suggested this was scripted to make George look good. There was a concerted effort to make this a negative, that is where my problem lies.


  1. boricuafudd – imo, this has nothing to do with “celebrity,” it has everything to do with those that thought GZ was guilty of murder & escaped lady Justice in their eyes, that segment will want to see GZ punished for anything, EVEN WHEN he was not guilty of TM’s murder. If KC eats @ Chili’s, it’s National news, people hope she chokes on her meal, she’s hated.. She is the most hated woman in America w/85% of the American public believing she got away w/the murder of Caylee. Even when KC was found “Not Guilty,” the 85% of Americans are not likely to ever change their opinion she is a murderer & she remains convicted in the Court of public opinion, what could possibly ever change that? Besides KC’s mandatory Court dates in which she has had to appear involving her bankruptcy case, there hasn’t been a peep out of KC, she has kept a low profile, out of the media’s reach, she hasn’t broken any laws. She can’t afford “security guards” since a few weeks after she was found “not guilty,” imo, she has been smart to stay out of site so she won’t make news.

    Sadly, imo, when a large segment of society thinks someone got away w/murder, the person the jury found “NOT GUILTY” is hounded/judged by society forever, society waiting & hoping the individual screws up & faces consequences, such was the case of OJ Simpson. OJ walked, imo, on 2 murders but he is now serving time on another issue, which many predicted he would. The Goldman family when interviewed about OJ’s incarceration said, “we always knew OJ would be arrested & jailed as he is & always has been of the criminal mindset.”

    I feel so badly for GZ, but he isn’t unique as other’s that have gone before him have found out even though they too were found “not guilty by a jury of their peers” when many Americans believed the defendants got away w/murder. History has showed us from 2 other cases, KC’s & OJ’s, the public has a long memory, they aren’t forgiving, sadly, all 3 are likely to be labeled as “getting away w/murder” as long as they live by a large segment of society. It’s not fair, I don’t see anyway GZ can change the perception of those that continue to think he is a murderer EXCEPT to keep a low profile & move out of the US in which MOM has suggested several times. jmho.

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