Racism, admissions and True Colors

Last week the MTV VMA’s music award ceremony was held in Brooklyn, NY marking again the resurgence of a borough of New York City that is better known for high crime, racial tensions and poverty.  This award show which is no stranger to controversy, added another one to its belt.  What was controversial the performance by former Disney star 20 year-old Miley Cyrus.

During a memorable performance that included large teddy bears, dancers dressed as sexy bears, Miley performing analingus on one of her dancers, plenty of twerking and humping a life-sized teddy bear while she performed her hit single “We can’t stop” an anthem to nihilism and irresponsible behavior of today’s young.  To finish her performance she joined Robin Thicke who was performing his rip-off of Marvin Gaye’s “Got to give it up”  called “Blurred lines” by doing a striptease into flesh-colored bra and underwear and using a large foam finger to continue to simulate sex acts while grinding on Thicke.  Thicke’s own song has been called an excuse for date-rape since it basically says that when a woman say no, she actually means yes, just don’t take her no as an answer.

The reaction was swift from the mildly condemning of “pitchy strippers” (Kelly Clarkson) referring to Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga who also did her own striptease to people calling Miley’s performance a modern-day “minstrel” (a parody done by white performers, dressed in black-face and stereotyping of blacks) and racist performance by Jody Rosen, Slate’s magazine music editor, author and journalist for Entertainment Weekly, the New Yorker and Rolling Stones magazine.

So what was Miley’s great sin, well let’s see what Kia Makarechi at the Huffington Post has to say about it:

“I’ve written about Miley’s race problems (or, racism, depending on how you take it), but here’s a quick summary: She’s gone around telling people she wants to make music that ‘sounds black,’ that she likes ‘hood music’ but isn’t ‘a white Nicki Minaj,’ and most recently proclaimed that she’s ‘not a white ratchet girl.’ Extending her master class on racial identity to social media, she told her followers that she is, indeed, aware of her skin color. The 20-year-old’s VMAs performance marks another chapter not only in Miley’s reckless use of black culture as proof that she’s subversive and no longer a Disney star, but of the entertainment industry’s casual co-signing of her team’s idiocy. How did no one, for example, think that having voluptuous, black backup dancers figure as meat for Cyrus’ slapping was offensive?”

So let’s read between the lines, Hip Hop is “hood music”  and black culture and while Miley’s antics were mild compared to a Rihanna concert, or Miley’s own idol, Lil’ Kim Miley’s attempt at it is misguided, racist and demeaning to women because she is white.  Lost in all the criticism of racism is the admission that Hip Hop and by  extension and the critics own admission, is the acknowledgement that this “ratchet culture” is detrimental to young people.  Ironic that a semi-comical overboard performance by the daughter of a Christian, country music former star, has the left admitting that the culture the Progressives have been promoting is influential and damaging to their biggest supporters, young impressionable teenagers.

This week we also heard an admission that public schools are failing and that the only solution at least in the writers estimation is to shame parents into putting their kids into bad or mediocre public schools, so that the pressure from good parents will be enough to override the  lack of participation by current parents. It might take several generations but the schools will eventually improve. She includes the obligatory mention of extra funds for the schools, but in reality this is an admission that parental involvement is the most important difference in school performance.

Speaking of education, Betsy Karasik writing for the Washington Post, that we need to give teachers a break when they have sexual relations with students, to protect the students , of course.  She feels that punishing the teachers is harsh, and the stigma the students will have to live with, is worse than if we just leave them alone .  This refers to the outrage some have felt after the Montana teacher, Stacey Dean Rambold was sentenced to 30 days in jails for his admission that he raped a 14 year-old girl who later went on to commit suicide. In sentencing Rambold the Judge G. Todd Baugh said the victim “was older than her chronological age” and “was as much in control of the situation” as the teacher, so he suspended all but 30 days of the teachers 15 year sentence with credit for 1 day he had served in jail.

I wonder if that exception extends to priests who teach, because I seem to recall quite an uproar when those scandals were going on, or perhaps religion, just changes the equation. Age is such an ephemeral thing,  a  3 year-old can determine if he is transgender, and 14 year-old’s can consent for sex but a 17 year-old (Trayvon Martin) is nothing but a child who should not be held responsible for his actions.

In one week, we had a controversial VMAs because a young white performer did what many other black performers do onstage, that drew cries of racism, we got confirmation that parenting impacts education, sex between teachers and their underage students should be overlooked or the laws revisited and penalties removed after all nobody dies in these cases.  Oh and by the way our Nobel Prize winning President wants to start a 3rd War in the Middle East, this time in Syria.



  1. Not posting, bori, but I am listening and following as best I can. If you know someone in the Tea Party or any gun rights activists, especially lawyers, who is interested in reporting my story, you are free to give them my contact info. I have documentation of what I have said and am keeping it up date in a journal.

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