Random Thoughts of an Outsider

Thank Aussie for the wonderful recap. It is very interesting that someone thousands of miles away asks the questions that our own Media does not. As you mentioned Barry has very little in common with Trayvon and what he does is not very positive. Anyhow, enjoy the perspective of an outsider.

A world at war

For the past 16 months I have been pre-occupied with the case involving George Zimmerman, the Florida man who shot a 17 year old to death.  The 17 year old, when he was shot was in the processes of beating George Zimmerman within an inch of his life. Trayvon Martin, the dead youth, was not unarmed as claimed by the BGI or Black Grievance Industry, rather he was armed with his fists and concrete. Despite the fact that the evidence indicated a strong case for self-defense, the State of Florida appointed the corrupt Angela Corey as Special Prosecutor, who then charged George Zimmerman with second degree murder. The charging affidavit was based upon the lies of a female known as Witness 8. For the record, I belong to the group who have trouble believing any of the Rachel Jeantel testimony. I note that nothing was produced at the trial that…

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