Zimmerman Case: Abrogation of duty

The trial of George Zimmerman has concluded, the 6 women, 5 of them mothers, on the jury accepted their duty and made the hard decision.  One grounded on the law, despite having an opportunity to take the easy way out and voting with their hearts as the State’s prosecutors has implored. They took their time, more than 13 hours, to reach their decision.  They considered the facts or perhaps the lack of them, they requested clarification when they were unsure and finally arrived at their decision. In other words they took their oath and responsibility seriously and did what was asked of them.

The final decision, was a hard one, not because it was wrong but because it was a decision that they knew would not be a popular one and the results of their decision could put them and others in danger for time to come.

They all knew going in that this was the case and accepted it, embrace it, took their time and came to the right decision, and now we hope those that will find fault with the decision will act with the same dignity and capacity as these women did.  These jurors did their duty and it was hard, they put the emotions to the side and carried out their duty but many involved did not.

We have become experts at abandoning our principles as soon as the going gets tough.  The Consulate in Benghazi in attack, the Ambassador goes missing, the President goes to bed.  Can’t pass a budget, that’s Okay we will just pass resolutions to continue the same budget from 4 years ago. Social Security and Medicare in desperate need of reform, don’t worry the next Congress will fix it.  We have become masters at kicking the problem down the road for others to solve.

The Zimmerman case is just one example of this, the protest got to hot, so the City Manager and Mayor told the Chief of Police to arrest anyhow even if he was released later.  The Chief pointed out that the laws did not permit that and he would not be part of it, his reward for following the law, he was removed from office. The same story would repeat itself with the local elected State’s Attorney Norm Wolfinger, who was bi-passed, he decided to retire and not run again for office and the Lead Investigator who was demoted back to patrol duties on the graveyard shift.

The local Political establishment failed and abrogated their duty to protect the and uphold the laws of the land.  All the local, State and National so-called Civil Rights groups that are supposed to be there for the little man did the same thing.  Let’s be honest here, who was there for GZ protecting his rights? Who is really the little guy in all of this?  Who tried to do right by his community, his family and others?

The family of Trayvon started by abrogating their  duty as parents and caretakers, by allowing a teenager who had obvious problems and left him unattended and unsupervised on an unsuspecting community.   Many details of who the young man was were not revealed in court, in the end they were not needed.  The family compounded their abrogation of duty by attempting to pass their failure on Society and the City of Sanford. That they were successful in transferring this burden as parents so successfully speaks to our own societal issues.

As I watched the Martin Family lawyers who played the racial angle only to claim it was not about race during the trial, only to claim the opposite after.  They have convinced others that this is about equal justice, when justice was not what they were seeking but revenge.

The Justice System is not there to provide Mob justice, but to follow the laws of the land and the ones tasked with ensuring that this is true were absent at the helm.  The courts are not designed to put out the facts of an incident for the rest of us, we do not abuse the courts to teach societal lessons. Especially when as in these case the facts have been supplanted by emotional pleas that have not bearing on the Courts of Law and their implementation of Justice.  Their failure could bring forth other tragedies and if it does those can be directly traced to their abrogation of duty. Our political leaders needed to step up and explain to the black community that a tragedy occurred but that the law that protects them is the same that prevents them from charging someone where charges are not warranted.

The African-American community wants the law to apply equally to all, then it needs to accept when those same laws do not support their emotional position.  This is a duty of all our government officials, of the lawyers representing both families, and until we say that; we can’t break the law to appease you because you are upset, these show trials that do nothing but rile up emotions and provide the wrong message, that the law treats people unequally and it is bendable to out whims.  That is why the Abrogation of Duty in this case is so important and the consequences of which could be dire.


Within hours of me finishing this post, the NAACP released a statement demanding that Department of Justice file charges against George Zimmerman, and today the Senate Majority Leader Reid has made the same demand.  Though the FBI had indeed investigated George Zimmerman and had not found him to be racially motivated the DOJ has not closed its file on the case.  which leaves them open to file some sort of civil rights case on George Zimmerman.

Today, the President also issued a statement on the case calling on people to maintain the peace, while at the same time he managed to insert a reference to gun control into the statement, while asking that we honored the memory of Trayvon Martin.  As many of us have become accustomed the President manages to insult the jury, the Zimmerman family and those that worked hard to have the law applied properly.



  1. You are correct, bori, but sadly, I have no solutions to any of this. I am not normally a pessimist but the future does not appear to be rosy to me.

    My best friend is an eternal optimist but he is also a realist and closes all of his emails with WS.

    WS means we are screwed.

      • Bori I feel for you, and the embarrassment that you feel.
        I blame the media for this situation, not the people of the USA. I blame the media in my own country because they are giving a false impression about the story because they continue to use 2 false pictures when they mention the subject.

        For those of us who bothered to find out the truth, there is no need to have a bad feeling towards the majority of Americans. We do know that this is just the usual Marxists who have been stirring up trouble in your country.

        Our media is just as complicit as yours in this whole matter. They do not tell the truth. What I find so shocking is that an Australian editor would run a story by Rene Stutzman that was simply biased and lacked truth, which did not come close to giving the real story about what happened that night. I am horrified that her story made it into an Australian paper.

      • Deep down I know you are right, I can’t really blame people because of their ignorance and faith that they are being told the truth even if we know that is not so, I guess that is one of the reason I blog, hoping that someone will stumble here and hear the truth for once. Even if they don’t take what I say as the truth it might get them to ask questions and the truth will be revealed to them.

      • Bori,
        you are an articulate person. You are like myself in that you believe in justice being done.

        When we saw that verdict we knew that justice had been done. This is because we know most of the facts relating to the case.

        Thanks to the malfeasance of the media hounds in your country and in my country, there are millions of other people who do not know the whole truth. The best we can do is try to get our voices heard so that George Zimmerman is totally exhonerated as he deserves.

        Like you, I have a small blog and I am a small voice in a very large ocean. Our small voices are in many ways similar to the voice of the a young Daniel who spoke up on behalf of a Susannah (I think that was her name) who was accused of adultery by two men who were in fact lusting after her (and she said no). Daniel came to her rescue by tearing apart their testimony. When the truth came out then they were punished.

        Each of us who have been seeking to show the truth of the situation between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, which goes against the Scheme and the Narrative are just like Daniel. We know and seek the truth.

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