The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 32.5: The Prosecution Rests; The ME Explodes!

Thanks Mike for another great rundown of the State’s last day before resting its case. I wanted to point out something that struck me as I was watching the proceeding yesterday. After O’Mara finished presenting its case for a JOA (Judgment of Acquittal), you would expect the lead prosecutor to argue against it. Instead the prosecution picked it 3rd wheel to present the rebuttal. To me this is significant as it showed , in my mind at least, that the prosecution is not ready to own up to its case or lack of it to be precise. It is also instructive that as Mr. Mantei was doing his presentation the Lead Prosecutor was looking down at his notes, as if embarrassed as he should be.

In way I am glad that the Judge denied the motion, though after an hour and half of testimony it took her 11 seconds to denied it, this way the Defense will be able to put their case on and remove any doubts about the guilt or innocence of GZ.  I want to also strongly recommend you follow the link to Andrew Branca analysis of the case, he also includes video of the witnesses which goes well to substantiate his thoughts on the case. You can use Mike’s link on his article or you can click here.

Stately McDaniel Manor

The final day of the prosecution’s case remained true to form in every respect, and also provided another glimpse—actually, a substantial look—into the prosecution’s closing arguments. 

Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s Mother:  The first witness of the day was Sybrina Fulton, who testified that the screaming voice in the Lauer 911 recording is Trayvon Martin.  The prosecution, not wanting to open the field to anything she might know about Trayvon, kept their questions limited to only that.

On cross O’Mara tried to make it clear that Sybrina might have reasons other than absolute truth to identify the voice as Trayvon.  He may have had some success in that Sybrina seemed not only coached, but potentially rehearsed.  She often tried to avoid directly answering O’Mara’s questions and parsed her answers so as not to concede even the most obvious points, even those not harmful to the prosecution.  Her overall appearance was…

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