Zimmerman Case- Why we have already lost

After 2 days in the trial of George Zimmerman, hearing Opening Statements and a the testimony of several of the prosecution’s witnesses I am ready to call it; regardless of the verdict we have lost.

As I search the web for news of the case and read about everything else, the realization that we as Americans have lost out way, hits me, it hits me hard. I have probably have read several hundred article relating to this case, the one constant in all of them is how black or white the issue is for most. The articles, the people who I have talked to, the blogs, all of them are hard for GZ or fanatical about TM. There is no middle ground, not now, there was a time early on, when people were more hesitant about being either pro-GZ or pro-TM, now that is gone.

It could be argued that after a year and a half, the facts of the case are out, so some of the uncertainty of the early days but that is not the answer, people still believe and say things that have been proven wrong, that are factual but are misleading and so on. I am non-apologetically pro-GZ, I think I have outline the reasons for this in my previous posts, and I would like to think that what I write is factual, easily corroborated, clear and easy to understand. I have no ulterior motivation for what I write, I don’t know GZ, his family or even live in Florida; what I am is a father of 3, husband of 22 years that is appalled at what happened to GZ and saddened about the tragic death of TM.

What happened to that cold, dark, rainy night was a tragedy and it is one that is repeated everyday in our country. Different players, maybe the races of the perpetrator and the victim are different but the result is the same. Why was this case different? Why have we lost even before the trial is over? Before I answer that I want to talk about 3 news stories all very recent and while they don’t seem to have a bearing on the case, I think they provide a clue to my questions.

President Obama embraces Global Warming

The President has toyed with the environmentalist and the Global Warming crowd since before he got elected in 2008. He made part of one of his most memorable speeches when he declared “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal” a direct reference to Global Warming, during his nomination speech July 2008. Since being elected aside from putting a stop to the Keystone XL pipeline, using new EPA rules to hammer those businesses that he does not like, the issue has lied dormant with not major action. This despite repeated calls by those groups that support the Theory of Global Warming, which led to tepid support during the re-election campaign.

So now after 4 years he has declared that this will be his signature issue on his second and last term, this in spite of the economy not growing, high unemployment numbers, a possible influx of millions more into the workforce trough immigration amnesty being proposed and amid numerous scandals. Recently Edward Snowden, while fleeing the authorities flew to Hong Kong and now is in Russia, both governments refused to extradite him back to the US, with Putin doing it directly to the President, during the G8 meetings.

The President is not to be deterred as his science adviser told the NYT:

” “Everybody is waiting for action,” he said. “The one thing the president really needs to do now is to begin the process of shutting down the conventional coal plants. Politically, the White House is hesitant to say they’re having a war on coal. On the other hand, a war on coal is exactly what’s needed.

To say that this will be costly on every American goes without saying, the President himself admits that the price of energy will rise and with it the rise of everything else, so why do it? Even Global Warming scientist have been force to agreed that the Earth has not warmed in 16 yrs, 98% of the computer models use to prognosticate Global Warming have been proven wrong, in 4 yrs the remaining 2% will also join their ranks. As one noted climatologist said in an interview, if in 5 years there is no warming, ” that means that we were wrong and overestimated the relation of the man-made gases effect on climate or we don’t know enough about the climate on a global scale. That is science, things change, that is settled.” The President is going to gamble millions of jobs, growth, the future on a gamble, because he wants to and he can.

s-LINDSAY-BIENAIME-large Lindsay Bien-aime

This young woman was on a plane from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to Charlotte, NC and refuse to put away her cell phone despite repeated requests from the flight crew, forcing them to call the Sheriff Deputies to assist them. Rather than backing down once the Deputies arrived, apologizing and hopefully being on her way, she decided to fight the Deputies, kicking one in the groin, elbowing another in the face and finally scratching 2 others as they tried to remove her from the plane. Oh, by the way she had her young son with her. Why did she not listen to instructions, even when it was obviously a no-win situation? She did not want to.
Coy Mathis Case

Coy Mathis is the transgender 6-year-old who won a case in Colorado forcing his(her) to allow the use of the girls bathroom. Coy was a triplet, he was the only boy and since little he identified like his 2 sisters. As a result the parents, he is gender confused. His parents, who I hope are well-meaning have helped along, by dressing him as a girl and addressing as such. Now Coy, wanted to use the girls bathroom as he considers himself a girl, though biologically he is a boy, and the school had made arrangements for him to use the teachers or nurses bathroom but not the girls bathroom. The parents sued and with the help of a transgender advocacy group and their lawyers they won the case and now Coy who is now 6 years old is able to go to the girls bathroom.

Coy was diagnosed with “gender identification disorder” a mental ailment that the American Psychiatric Association, after years of lobbying from some advocacy groups removed from its lists of mental ailments. The main objection those groups had been that the treatment consisted of getting the patient to accept its biological designation, that the designation of a mental disease would cause undue stigma and it would reinforce the binary model of gender in society. This last items is something the advocacy groups strongly reject, and are advocating against.

This is dripping with irony because by rejecting “boy things” in order to wear dresses, have long hair, play with dolls you are reinforcing male to female stereotypes but I digress. Can a 2-year-old make a gender determination or was he just trying to fit in with his other sisters? Why would a parent dress his kid as a girl because he is throwing a tantrum and refuses to be different from his sisters? Can a 5-year-old really be a transgender or is he the victim of PC parents? No, misplaced love, no and yes.

How do all these stories tied together to the Zimmerman case? In all of them people have made conscious choices that will not only affect them but are affecting or affected others. Their only calculation seems to be that they could do it, so they did.

The President can, has used the power of his office to impose his priorities, often under stiff opposition, on the rest of the country. The young woman felt that her right to use her cell phone, was more important than the rights of others who just wanted to get to where they were going. The parents of Coy did not want to deal with a surly confused kid who seems to want to be like his sisters, and rather than help the gender confused kid, they encouraged him by treating him as a girl, now the other parents will have to decide deal with their daughters using the same bathroom as this boy, who wants to be considered a girl. In all cases the people involved choose the easiest path, because they could even if it meant sacrificing the needs of others for their own.

With the George Zimmerman case the State also took the easy way out, even though they knew that they dd not have the evidence to prove it, they charged GZ. The threat of riots and mayhem, put the local authorities in the position of having to choose; apply the law, continue the investigation until such time that they could bring charges or drop the case. The took the easy way out they charged GZ hoping that they would be able to build a case against him or force him to accept a plea deal.

Even if we were to accept that GZ followed, found in the extreme darkness, confronted and tried to apprehend TM, the savage beating that he was giving GZ was excessive and only stopped because of the gunshot wound. The harder choice would have been under this scenario not to fight GZ, identify himself, wait for the police and sort it out.

Some people say we live in a society that is more tolerant, that is why Coy’s parent accepted that their son wanted to be a girl so they facilitated that to the point of suing to get him the right to continue to be confused for a few years longer. The President can Amnesty millions with his signature because he is tolerant of the needs of people who came into this country illegally undocumented, and can devote millions of tax dollars to combat a problem, that may not exist. The young women can act like a fool because she can do what she wants and she did not want to end her conversation on her cell phone, even if the consequences are jail, and a missed flight.

We have become a society of selfish, arrogant people. This has nothing to do with political ideology, religious affiliation, race or sexual orientation but of personal choices. We have lost our sense of Community and lost its value. We are splintered into different group and then into smaller sub-groups pitted against each other. Someone looks at us, and we defiantly ask what are you looking at? We ignore the big problems and labor intensively on the little ones that will not solve anything. The black community in Sanford took advantage of the incident with TM to get rid of the Chief of Police and the State’s Attorney, what they had wanted for a long time before TM came to Sanford. Benjamin Crump is using the case to gain fame Nationally rather than a local attorney. Gun control groups point to the case as to why guns should be banned. Some reporters have taken the story to gain their own fame and notoriety. We have people lying to get on the jury, a witness is committing perjury, the State’s Attorney has lied to the court, tried to hide documents, impede the Defense of GZ.

America does not think big anymore, we can’t, there are too many hands out to get a little piece of the pie, to many rules and regulations that make it impossible to start much less complete big projects. The President wants his legacy as the President who healed the planet, the young woman wants to talk on the phone against the rules, the parents want to please a confused child, TM wants his respect and GZ wants his neighborhood safe. We all want something, but do we care about others in our pursuit?

That is why we lost, we no longer care for each other, we are no longer a community of Americans. We use to celebrate success, now we want to stifle it. Our heroes were people who did great things for all, now they are sports athletes, musicians and actors. Our politicians had the countries best interest at heart, now they are just waiting for the next polling data to decide which way to vote. Civil Rights groups were actually trying to achieve equal rights for everyone, now they are just looking for special allocations. We used to have the best school system in the world, now we don’t rank in the top 20. We used to be Americans now we are just hyphenated Americans.

But, there is hope, that is one thing I have learned from the GZ case, is that we CAN come together for a common purpose. GZ supporters are right-wing, left-wing , religious, atheist , Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc. They are also from different economic backgrounds brought together to fight was we see as an injustice and abuse of power. There may not be a Middle Ground anymore but if the cause is right we can still work together.

Ùpdate: I have just watched the dismantling of the state’s case during today’s testimony by the State’s Star Witness, that is not was is surprising or notable, but the reaction to the testimony. The witness was combative, agreed that she has lied in the past, that she will say what she need to get “Justice for Trayvon” . She admits that TM confronted GZ, that he referred to GZ using a derogatory term “CREPPY ASS CRACKER” and “nigga” yet the Media either does not report this or excuses it as common talk among young people. Let’s remember that the State is claiming that GZ’s milder statements “fucking punks” and “assholes” when referring to criminals that never get caught as reason for his Murder 2 charge. The disconnect is so telling, even those that are willing to admit what a clusterfuck the day’s testimony from the State’s Star witness is , still find time to try to excuse the behavior of the 19 year-old, as a kid caught up in a difficult, traumatic situation. Not that there is evidence of this from her, but the excuse is there and trotted out. Which to me begs the question, you can decide your gender at 5 years-old, can get free condom by the age of 12 years-old at school, can get the day after pill at 15 years-old but your are still a child at 19, a legal adult? All to excuse her behavior and her lies on the stand, because she is black? So setting different expectations and lowering the bar for other races, is that not racist in itself? Should we not expect better from young adults of all races? Those that make ME a racist for not settling for the mediocre and expecting more of all our citizens?





  1. When the Constitutional Republic was lost, any perceptual “victories” have meant little to nothing. Insofar as the Zimmerman case, all Americans lost as soon as the BGI was “allowed/approved” to “overrule” the rule of law and demand an arrest AND then actually get one in spite of the fact that a thorough investigation had already been conducted. Rick Scott ignored the legal process and interjected himself, later endorsed publicly by our very own president and AG.

    Even the black community has lost, except for the money makers and political players, but blacks who are socially and economically down on the totem pole have been so thoroughly brainwashed, they cannot recognize it. As long as they remain slaves to the progressive political power brokers, who need their votes, they will continue to lose.

    The only “dignity” they have left is false pride instilled into them by the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Ben Jealous who in any other country on the planet would have been publicly executed long ago.

    What they have done and continue to do is malicious promote an agenda that is detrimental to peace and harmony in our country. It contradicts all that America stand for but is done under the guise of free speech, when, in fact, what they do is treasonous by any reasonable definition and interpretation of law.

    You are correct, bori.

  2. bori – yet another thought provoking article, I am impressed that you correlated 3 examples that are completely different but have a common thread in society that leads us back to the GZ trial. Now that’s thinking outside of the box!

    Sadly, the older I get, the less I understand, the more disappointed I become in a self absorbed society that seems unwilling to consider the bigger picture. Certainly not everyone, but many, and to watch DD so disrespectful to the Court, visibly unhappy that she is required to return tomorrow & s self absorbed as not to consider anyone but herself disgusts me. A product of a failed public system, illiterate English, problems communicating, & the inability to barely read, she claims she is in College.

    WHAT ABOUT GZ on trial in a murder case that should never have been brought? WHAT ABOUT the jurors that will spend every night & day being alienated from their families because they are providing an important service to our Judicial System, what about their needs? They will continue to hopefully listen objectively and consider the facts & provide a just verdict.

    As always bori, you always leave those that read here with so much more than they came here with, thanks again!

    • Art- thanks for the kind words. I hate how we as a society have become so selfish, too. I hate that politician and normal people will break oaths and lie easily to gain what they desire regardless of the cost to others. It is crazy that GZ a person who was trying to help others, has that used against him, we are completely in an upside down world.

      I just hope that we can build on the example of GZ that brought so many people together and expanded.

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