Zimmerman Case: The Civil Rights Case of the Century or the Cult of Trayvon?


I wrote the post below June 16th before the trial of George Zimmerman had begun before a jury had been chosen.  The concluded on Saturday July 13th, after 16 hours of deliberations the jury of 6 women found GZ NOT GUILTY!  

Now the NAACP, and other liberal groups want the Department of Justice to pursued some sort of civil rights violation and put Zimmerman through a second trial. GZ civil rights have been already abused once, now if the mob gets its way they will be trampled on again.  Once again the mostly uninformed public is being riled up to support a cause which they know little about for the benefit of a select few.  Where are our leaders in this issue?  I understand is an emotional and controversial issue but that is why you were chosen, to deal with controversial issues not to hide or take the easy way out.  Is your political skin worth more than upholding your oaths of office and upholding the laws of the land?

In 1692 we burned witches at the stake, 300+ years later and we are trying to do the same to George Zimmerman.  Most have said that a dialogue on race relations, gun ownership, and violence needs to be had by the country.  Well, let’s us start by explaining to the masses that the law of the land is Supreme and they are not rode over to satisfy your whims.  Then we can accurately describe both George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin and not hold back.  Stop saying how much you sympathize with the family, and their loss, but what responsibility TM has for the shooting in the first place. 

Let’s hold Angela Corey responsible for charging GZ, knowing by her own words that the evidence was not there.  Let’s hold all the race-baiters whoever they are and where they are to explain on what evidence do they base their conclusions and hyperbole.  Enough sugar-coating of the issues, it is time we in America come to grips with the issues that affect it and not in a PC way but in an honest, truthful manner.  Most importantly when someone does speak the truth let’s not crucify him as was done to Bill Cosby or Mayor Corey Booker when the words are not what the PC-establishment decrees.  

Like NAACP, which was involved in the case from its inception, through Ronald Fulton uncle to Trayvon Martin, who help organize with the CRS division of the DOJ for the early protests and marches.  They now want one of its local branch Presidents Tristan Breaux, to step down or resign, his offense, he wrote on his personal Facebook page, that :

“I wonder why it is that we are always willing to say someone who clearly had a shaky past, was the victim,”

Breaux asked in the Facebook post, referring to Trayvon Martin. He also made a reference as to why TM was in Sanford in the first place. Speaking the truth may cost him the position not because it is not the truth, but because he said in a forum that was available to anyone around the country, and it was contrary to the message that the NAACP wants to project of an innocent kid walking back from the local store with candy and a soft drink. You can read the rest of the story here.

This needs to stop, how is our society going to heal as long as we let organizations like the NAACP, and individuals such as Sharpton, Jackson completely lie and tell everyone lies that only evoke more hate and further division and allowed people who actually speak the truth to be persecuted and silenced.  

Are there any leaders left?

What are Civil Rights? We need a definition before we can answer the question.  Cornell Law School one of out most prestigious law schools defines Civil Rights as:A civil right is an enforceable right or privilege, which if interfered with by another gives rise to an action for injury. Merriem-Webster Dictionary defines them as: : the nonpolitical rights of a citizen; especially: the rights of personal liberty guaranteed to United States citizens by the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution and by acts of Congress.

The Business Dictionary calls Civil Rights: Personal rights acquired by an individual by being a citizen or resident, or automatic entitlements to certain freedoms conferred by law or custom. Certain civil rights (such as the right to equality, freedom, good governance, justice, and due process of law) are inalienable like human rights and natural rights, whereas others (such as the right to hold a public office) depend on one’s conduct and can be lost. Also called civil liberties.  Are civil rights and civil liberties the same? No, as civil liberties are protections against government action. Civil rights, in contrast, refer to positive actions of government should take to create equal conditions for all Americans.

Who’s civil rights were violated in this case? Was Trayvon Martin (TM for short),  targeted by the government ie police, because of his color?  Was he prohibited from entering and leaving the complex?  Was he denied service at  the store? Did George Zimmerman (GZ for the rest of article) guilty of racially profiling TM? Ah, here’s lies part of rub.  First off and most importantly, racially profiling is a crime ONLY when it is done by government. Private citizens cannot be guilty of racially profiling someone first, because it is not a crime and because thoughts are protected by the 1st Amendment.  Regardless, the FBI conducted an extensive investigation of GZ and was not able to find racial animus in him, which shoots this element down.

Did the Sanford PD commit a civil rights violation by not arresting GZ?  This is one issue where the blame goes to the Media even more so than the Martin Family, their PR people and Lawyers (the Scheme Team for the rest of the post).  There is a distinction between getting arrested for and getting charged by the SA  of a crime.  At the time of the incident GZ was arrested, he was handcuffed, he was processed, he was interrogated for hours, he had his rights read to him, his clothes, gun were removed and kept by the police for evidence gathering, he was not allowed to leave until all those things were done and the investigators were satisfied,  then his release was conditional pending completion of the investigation whether  he was or not guilty  of a crime.

The only thing Sanford PD could have done is hold GZ the maximum of 48 hours, and that point it had to release GZ.  You need to have probable cause to hold someone,  GZ did not have any outstanding warrants, he was not on parole, he did not carry any contraband, he had a CCW permit, his gun was registered (a reader pointed out that their is not gun registry, it was a poor choice of words ; better is,legally obtained gun), he had one prior that got reduced to a misdemeanor and served no time for,  all of these things are reasons why someone else might have been held pending investigation.  The police and the State’s Attorney had to rely on the information that they had at the time, GZ had called police to report suspicious person, GZ was involved in altercation with suspicious person, GZ discharged his weapon once, witnesses said they observed and heard an altercation, some witnesses said that GZ was on the bottom with the other person on top beating him, GZ has lacerations on his head, broken nose, and bruises all over his face, TM had no injuries other than the gunshot, GZ waited for the police to arrive, handed over his gun and was cooperating the whole time.

Based on the facts known at that time and not having other reasons to hold GZ the Sanford PD and local SA released GZ pending investigation, as is established law.  If the Media had reported from the beginning that GZ had been arrested and released because of lack of probable cause, it would have blunted the efforts by the Scheme Team to portray the story as it did.  In fact the Media is still misreporting the 1st arrest of GZ.  The Scheme Team used the Media to promote a false story, that had demonstrably erroneous information,  beginning with the GZ was not arrested, but the young kid walking back from the grocery store carrying Ice Tea (it was Watermelon Fruit Juice)and Skittles at the half-time (TM was shot before tip-off) of the NBA game.

So far there are no civil rights violations, could SPD have held GZ longer, legally only for the 48 hours, ethically not, with the information they had. Could the State Attorney have charged GZ right away? Legally and ethically no, the information he had on hand did not point to a crime having been committed, regardless of the controversial Stand Your Ground law.  Had the SA charged GZ right away, who by the way was cooperating fully with the authorities the case would have been over already, as the most incriminating evidence is that which was provided by GZ himself while cooperating with the police, his multiple statements 6 in total.

The irony and perhaps lesson is that without GZ’s many voluntary statements to the police, this case would be weaker than it already is.  So what makes this a civil rights case? Is it just that GZ and TM were not of the same race?

In a April 2012 shortly before GZ was charged, author Shelby Steele, writing for the Wall Street Journal had this to say about the case:

“In fact Trayvon’s sad fate clearly sent a quiver of perverse happiness all across America’s civil rights establishment, and throughout the mainstream media as well. His death was vindication of the “poetic truth” that these establishments live by. Poetic truth is like poetic license where one breaks grammatical rules for effect. Better to break the rule than lose the effect. Poetic truth lies just a little; it bends the actual truth in order to highlight what it believes is a larger and more important truth”.

“The civil rights community and the liberal media live by the poetic truth that America is still a reflexively racist society, and that this remains the great barrier to black equality. But this “truth” has a lot of lie in it. America has greatly evolved since the 1960s. There are no longer any respectable advocates of racial segregation. And blacks today are nine times more likely to be killed by other blacks than by whites”.  Read the rest here (link).

The article was an indictment on the current Civil Rights leaders and the Media that supports them, encourages them and hangs on their every word as long as they are preaching their “poetic truth”, as he calls it, that America is still a racist society.

The blog Daily Kos took umbrage to Shelby Steele’s comments on the WSJ and replied with an article of their own, which didn’t address the point of the article just attacked Shelby and Conservatives but one nugget came out of this article:

“We black people were brought here by violence. We were kept in place by violence. Our labor was extracted by violence. We were controlled by violence. We were freed by violence. After that, our rights were kept from us by violence. We have been defined by violence.

We learned our lesson well. We used violence to settle domestic disputes. We used violence to discipline our children. When we used violence to settle disputes among one another, the police looked the other way because it saved them the trouble of shooting us themselves.” or as reported in http://globalgrind.com/news/black-man-endangered-species-blog#ixzz2WK38K95K

The answer may lie in the history of the past five-decades. In the 60’s, during the Nixon Administration, the Black family unit was destroyed. Know why? Our brothers were forced to Vietnam to fight a fictitious war. The mass majority who made it home, returned hooked on heroin. In the 70’s, even more brothers fell victim to becoming hooked on ‘H’ – after the drug was shipped in abundance, from Vietnam. Don’t believe me? Ask Frank Lucas. In the 80’s, during the Reagan Administration, crack flooded Black communities – Just ask “Freeway” Rick Ross and Rayful Edmond. The crack epidemic continued throughout the 90’s – fuelled by black youth programmed to believe it’s cool to be ‘Nino Brown’. The 2000’s paved way for a large group of Black teens, born as crack babies, faced to survive in their hoods – spreading an ‘I don’t give a fuck attitude’ over their impoverished circumstances. By 2007, there was a recorded 40-percent increase of American Black teen males killed in gun crimes.

In essence the author is saying; don’t blames because we are angry, violent and don’t conform to the rest of society, you made us that way.  That TM acted in a violent way to a perceived slight, is justifiable by past racism that turned them into the angry, violent persons that they are now.  We are to blame, TM and those like him are just a product of society, so prosecuting GZ is not about justice or civil rights but just a progression and result of past deeds for which they should be exonerated. The second article totally forgets about another legacy of the 60’s that had a far more detrimental effect on the Black community, while re-writing history as by the time the Nixon Administration came to power in Jan. 1969, the war was winding down and troops were coming home. That other legacy was the Great Society programs that still plagues us, as rather than providing a life-line to the poor, it provided a cage, that penalized the poor for being a whole family unit; father, mother,kids,  etc.

This is a Civil Rights case after all, the civil rights of GZ and whether getting payback for past transgressions should trumped those the rights of GZ.  The right of  self-defense is recognized in all 57 States (as Obama said), it stems from the Natural Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Disregarding the law to charge GZ with a crime when the evidence pointed to the act of Self-Defense is a violation of GZ civil rights and protections or it is nostalgia as the article below suggest.

Is the nostalgia evoked by the early Civil Rights movement what the Scheme Team refers to when pronouncing this the Civil Rights Case of the Century or are they just fanning the Cult of Trayvon to maintain support? This article by KIII TV in Texas explains it this way:

Six decades and myriad details separate the deaths of Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin, two black teenagers felled by violence. Yet in the way America reacted to Martin’s death – and the issues that echoed afterward – his case has created a national racial conversation in the much same manner as the saga of Till, infamously murdered in 1955 for flirting with a white woman.

Plenty of people do not see the Martin case as about race at all. But for others who study America’s racial past and present, each killing is a defining moment for its era – a fraught microcosm of what we are, and what we are trying to become.

Read more: http://www.kiiitv.com/story/22599413/in-trayvon-martin-case-historys-ghosts-linger

Michael Skolnik who has been a supporter of the Scheme Team, and publishing many stories about racism, the TM case, calls TM the Emmett Till of the hoodie generation. A generation that he has a large stake in, as the President of Global Grind, Editor-n-Chief and Russell Simmons political adviser, as their financial success depends on the Urban youth that visit his site, or buys Simmons’ urban gear.

Him and others like him, are the preachers to the TM cult. Rabid followers of the case who troll the internet looking for stories about their hero. The distorts the facts, make their own in order to feel better because they are righteous.  Most hate guns,  as they are the root of all evil but mostly they are people projecting their own shame, because they know that if their hero walked up to them on cold dark night they would clutch their purses, pick up their steps or just lock their doors.  Others just hate authority, as they see them as an obstacle to their illegal activities, as the police intrudes on their enjoyments. Finally there are the ones with a financial stake in the Narrative used to charge GZ.  Defense Attorneys, civil rights activists, community organizers and some religious leaders.  They all have an interest in perpetuating the Myth of TM.

These people will argue with you incessantly about minutiae of the case, irrelevant things and will call you a child murderer supporter if you don’t agree with them. They applaud the prosecution for hiding the evidence, one has even tried to get on the jury which started selection this past week.  The applaud the Judge every time rules against the Defense, forgetting that one it may be them who is facing the Justice System.  Some have been in the fringes of society, they now have a cause to bring them together.  As Jesse Jackson says

“Let’s take a moment, turn it into a movement”

Well they have their movement, and while their rabid followers may not be large, they are loud and have done enough to plant doubt in GZ at the very least, and have almost certainly guaranteed that no matter the outcome of the trial GZ will be stigmatized as a child killer.  But, is this what they really want; prosecutors to forgo their ethics with the sole purpose to win at any cost and appease the sensibilities of others?  The precedent is not new it has been used countless times before, usually at a local or regional level, rarely did those cases make it to the National spotlight as this one has.

To answer my original question this is a case of civil rights, though not of black civil rights but the rights of a citizen to defend himself and due process rights.  Natalie Jackson one of the lawyers on the Scheme Team and Columbia University Professor Cornell West shared the pronouncement that acquitting GZ would declare open season on young black males, to which I reply:  ” it does not, but if 1 young black male pauses, instead of reacting violently in a similar situation then we and them  are better off.”

The Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s was searching for equal rights regardless of color, sex, creed or religion, now it seems that it want special rights for different people, many of whom don’t know what being Civil means.  Civil Rights are for ALL of US not just those in a minority and we must ensure that it remains that way. Finally it used to be said that a Black Man could not receive the protection or a fair trial in the South, we are about to find out if a White Hispanic can in spite of the opposition. This is a Civil Rights case, your, mine and George Zimmerman.

Please donate to the GZ Defense Fund if you are able, let’s try to make as fair as possible under the circumstances. (Link)

For more about civil liberties vs. civil rights go to (http://www.ushistory.org/gov/10.asp)



  1. Great article! Thank you for sharing it.

    It appears the justice system is going backwards. To give equal justice to all, in Seminole County, they will equally railroad defendants and hide evidence to get convictions.

    Why everyone, who holds the power to stop this travesty but chooses to do nothing is puzzling to me. It’s not like they don’t know. It is obvious that evidence is still unknown and may always be unknown. Making a defendant go to trial when he has been saying since February he needs more time to prepare is a violation of due process for George.

    Quite clearly the state didn’t do a thorough investigation and it was left to the defense to investigate why Trayvon reacted to being watched the way he did.

    Yet those who have the power to stop the train, do nothing. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in the state of Florida.

    Happy Father’s Day Boricuafudd.

  2. Thanks Nettles.
    IMO the time for intervention has come and gone. It is part of the reason, I believe, that makes Corey and company think they can get away with the things they have done. They feel like they are untouchable.

  3. boricuafudd – another excellent well thought out & researched article. I guess I never really thought about it as GZ’s Civil Rights. I thought GZ was rail roaded, an orchestrated smear campaign by some of the best that was Nationally accommodated by the MEDIA, denied a Grand Jury, interference by the Governor/Bondi thinking they could control the outcome, but you are exactly correct, the correct term is really “GZ’s Civil Rights that have been violated.” That sums it up, sadly, this event has ruined GZ’s life, his Civil Rights will likely continue to be violated the rest of his life whether it is being denied a job when he is qualified or even a place to rent while the land load uses another excuse, GZ will always be discriminated against by the ignorant.

    I read an appalling comment the other day. The GZ supporter called Crump & the Scheme Team “racist.” LOL, the TM supporter responded, “you idiot, only white people can be racist!” But the definition for “racist” is: The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.

    This case has so many Black racist, all in line for the big pay day they fantasize about.

    • Art-I too, never thought of GZ’s case as a civil rights case until very recently, though it had been discussed with others.

      Like the idiot commentator, we have been sort of programmed to think of civil rights as something only affects minorities but civil rights are for the protection of all, or at least they are meant to protect us all.

      Ironically GZ could also be considered a minority, since he is half Hispanic, but the purposes of this case he has been vilified so as to strip him of that status, making him more White than anything else, this is another thing that the Scheme Team and their supporters managed, to change a minority into a White devil.

  4. Your article was mostly well done. However there a correction I would like to make is that Zimmerman’s gun was NOT registered. The reason for this is that Florida does NOT have a gun registry. In fact most states do NOT have a gun registry. A gun registry is in fact a gross violation of the 2nd amendment. A few states hate freedom and therefore choose to ignore the Constitution.

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