Why I Support George Zimmerman by Ackbarsays

Why I Support George Zimmerman. Excerp below

However, there was one person who I couldn’t apologize to. I’d become part of the lynch mob that had chased after George Zimmerman with pitchforks and torches, and apologizing to a bunch of faceless people on a conservative web forum wasn’t going to make up for that. So, I did little things, like contributing a small amount to George’s defense fund early on, but still, that wasn’t enough to make up for the things I’d unfairly thought and said about George, who deserved none of that kind of treatment from me or anyone else.

Fellow blogger has written a beautiful and personal account of why he supports George Zimmerman. It is definitely worth a read. What he says resonates with many of us as we have shared similar experiences.

After you read this personal account and if you able and feel it is a just cause please donate to the GZ Legal Fund. Give George a fighting chance to defend himself. Answer his cry for help, http://www.gzdefensefund.com/donate/



  1. it is sad people who think zimmerman supporters are racists and they are not.Dude was just defending himself.If shooting at a ghetto rat who broke your nose and kept
    slamming your head on concrete is murder then I am napoleon ?Oh by the way I am black too just from a different upbringing.

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