Zimmerman Case; Muslims Extremists and Urban Thug Culture

Last week we saw 2 Muslim extremists hack to death a soldier coming out of his barracks. This was done in plain daylight in a public street and in view of dozens of pedestrians. Drummer Lee Rigby was coming out of the barracks, he was wearing a t-shirt asking for support for the British heroes serving in the war in Afghanistan. He was accosted by the 2 men who proceeded to stab and decapitate him, all while posing for pictures by passersby.

As with the Boston bombers, 1 of the perpetrators was known by the security forces to harbor extremist views, and had been detained in Kenya a few years ago for attempting to go to Somalia and join the terrorist the group al Shabaab. In both instances our security agencies failed, MI-5 in England and the FBI here. In both cases the young men were radicalized in their teens, and both their families knew about it.

The reactions to the both tragedies by the particular governments have also been similar, condemn the particular event, and admonish people not to ascribe it to the same religion Islam. The strategy is similar because in both cases the governments are in denial as to the problems. Both governments see the problems as a credible difference, they both feel that if they are more appeasing, more understanding, allowed a larger sense of control by the perpetrators, the problem will solve itself. In other words they both have their heads in the sand, and are claiming that they don’t see a problem.

One way the governments of these countries have found to deal with the non-problem is to continue fighting a war overseas, with no clear objective, no strategic interest, a losing strategy and no end in sight. How is this helping the non-problem the extremist have been drawn to the conflict overseas, leaving both countries with a false sense of safety. Another way to deal with the non-problem is to reclassify acts of terror as something else altogether. So when a Major in the Army, goes on a rampage killing 13 and wounding 29 others all while screaming “Allah Akbar”. He was also under suspicion of harboring extremist views, but the Army at the direction of the government was more interested on its goal of pretending the non-problem did not exist. His attack was therefore labeled work-place violence, just another government employee who goes on a rampage; the Major went “postal” as the saying would go.

Whatever we may think of the intentions of these governments in attempting to hide the non-problem, the issue persists. It is not going away, pretending that because we call it something else, not only completely ignores the issue, it means that it will take that much longer to finding a solution. I have been told by many Muslim practitioners that those that are committing these acts are not Muslims, or as the Prime Minister in Britain David Cameron said;

“This was not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life. It was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country.”

Assuming  that it is the case these people are not really Muslims but people who have been radicalized and are in fact acting against the principles of Islam, the perpetrators believe that their actions are justified because they are Muslim, and are acting according to the principle of their religion. Are we to judge every Muslim by the actions of the few, of course not. Though some feel that all gun owners should be judged by the actions of a few that misuse those guns. The great majority of Muslims are productive members of society and wonderful people, I know my best man at my wedding is Muslim.

So what is the solution? I will be the first to admit that there is no easy. clear solution, one thing I do know that pretending a problem does not exists, and attempting to apologize, mislead and pretending it is not a problem will not result in any sort or resolution. The Muslim community cannot scream that they are victimized and are persecuted if they by their own inaction, makes them complicit in the acts of the perpetrators. After a terrorist attack occurs or an attempt is made, the Muslim community representatives, and their apologist spend more time trying to minimize the act, explain how the community at large is not responsible and should not be held to account for the actions of those few than condemning the act or trying to prevent the next one. The larger question of why,  there are so many willing to commit these crimes, all justified by Islam in their estimation is completely ignored. Some demand that our laws need to be changed, so as not to be offensive to them. Dress codes need to be modified, freedom of speech must be restricted, Sharia law instituted only then will these Muslim extremist be satisfied.

In other words while proclaiming their innocence, and lack of complicity in the acts of terror, they are asserting that we are at fault. We need to submit, as submission is the only recourse, or lacking that then we must make allowances for them and their way of life.

In the Urban Thug Culture we have some of the same things happenings. Kids are radicalized to the “thug life” while young, many join gangs that further their radicalization. School, sports and other organized activities are shunned. These activities are too structured, contain rules that they feel should not apply to them. The “life” requires its own moral and social codes. It is a lifestyle that is primalistic and materialistic at the same time. The objective being personal gratification without any personal responsibility.Retribution, and constant demonstrations of power play a big part or the “life”. Loud music, loud clothes, loud cars are status symbols, signifying your prowess and success are a must. This means that crime, as a mean to obtain those status symbols and a mean to show your power and success in the “life” are a natural progression.

Most are not really in the “life” but big pretenders, and due to differences in their financial situations, can attain some of those symbols without actually committing any crimes, but even those pretenders are bound to have difficulty with the rules of society as they are a barrier between the two. Trayvon Martin was in this last group, he was well on his way of adapting the “life”, though,  in my opinion. Recent items released on discovery paint a young man who for whatever reason was being radicalized, and giving up all those things that had been a part of his younger self and adopting the mores of the “thug life”.

How is our government and related institutions dealing with this issue that is affecting the lives of many of our young in Urban areas? The government acknowledges the higher crime levels, lower graduation rates, higher levels of teen pregnancies and higher level of incarceration of the young. What they can bring themselves to say is that the Urban Thug Culture that permeates these urban areas are at fault. The Urban Thug Culture has a lot of proponents, the music derived from it is looked at romantically as poetic self-expression. Oversize clothing, tattoos, large pieces of jewelry are designed to make you look bigger, badder and intimidating are derived from the oversized prison wear, ironically. The Media, Hollywood and some social organizations have glorified those living the “thug life” and present them as modern-day Robin Hoods, except that they usually steal and kill  from each other.

Black youths have been especially susceptible to the Urban Thug culture and have been a major contributor to it. This creates a problem how do you denounce something that is a major part of a community without appearing to denounce the community itself? As with the Muslim extremist the answer has been to call the problems that this culture has brought upon the community something else. To mask it as poverty, lack of government programs, poor schools, guns, lack of birth control, and of course a bias and over zealous police departments. Some of those issues play into the situation and can factor on whether a young man would try to join in the thug life, but they are not the cause, in many cases they are just symptoms as a result of  the Thug Life.

As with Muslim extremist, the Urban thugs cannot be denounced doing so is seen as denouncing the whole community. The Muslim community continues to ignore the extremist amongst them, and in many cases excuse their behavior as caused by others. The Urban thugs likewise cannot be denounced and held accountable, doing so will mean the community accepting some responsibility for the issues the Thug culture has brought on them, not just the achievements on the arts and fashion but the downsides, the crime, high pregnancy rates, high levels of single parent homes, lack of upward mobility and of course large percentage of incarceration. You can’t be the victim and the perpetrator at the same time, as they both claim.

This brings us to the Zimmerman case, TM though coming from a broken home, was growing up in a Middle class surrounding but had been radicalized in his teens. He gave up Football that had comprise part of his early life, and instead was becoming a banger, a hood another Urban thug. The new discovery just released point that clearly. It also illustrates that the parents knew to some extent the problems he had, the whole trip to Sanford was just one way the family was attempting to help TM. Yet knowing those issues the family embarked on a quest to get Zimmerman. They constructed a facade to hide TM behind and portrayed him as weak. boy, stalked, chased and killed by a bully, an overly zealous white Neighborhood watchman.

The media and the State bought into this fantasy, enough to charge GZ with a crime, and now intends to prosecute him and put him in jail for 25 years. There were early indications of something not right, as the family’s story had holes in it, but trough the help of the lawyers and the PR recruit, they managed to come up with a simple “narrative” that was then spread around the country and in Britain. Some of the early lies were ridiculously easy to debunk, had the media tried to. The one instance the media did report on some of the problems TM had at school, the family went on the warpath, and with teary eyes decried;

they killed my son now they are killing his reputation,

the media got the message and backed off. This had been the things as they are for a very long time, but with the assistance of the Defense some new information is coming out and what it says about TM is not flattering in the least. This new information or a least I should say new to us the public, because the prosecution was in possession of this information for months. The pictures of TM holding a gun, smoking marijuana, bragging about his fights, school suspensions, his attempts to get his own gun, all of this runs contrary to the portrayal the family had so lovingly and for so long stood unchallenged.

As with the earlier disclosures from last year the Martin Family lawyers and particularly Natalie Jackson has been vocal about her displeasure at the revelations made by the Defense team, she has gone so far at to insinuate that the media which had treated them like darlings for over a year was racist for displaying and written about the Defense revelations. On another occasion she basically said that the Defense discovery was in doubt, was inadmissible in court (which is an admission that it is factual) and the press better govern itself accordingly.

Nevermind that this is evidence culled from TM’s own phone, and that the prosecution had advance knowledge of all of this, which is why earlier on the month they filed 9 separate motions, most looking to suppress or limit the amount of information about TM that would be allowed at trial. If the prosecution gets its way the defense would not be able to provide a defense as to why it is not only possible but probable that TM had indeed attack GZ because he felt disrespected or otherwise maligned by GZ’s surveillance.

The reactions by the authorities on both of these tragedies only help to make them worse, not better. In the soldier’s beheading the government has now decreed that soldiers must remove their uniforms and walk in pairs when leaving their barracks in the area where the Lee Rigby was killed. The government also moved to charge people who have made disparaging remarks on Twitter and Facebook, at least 2 were arrested and charged.  Now, what should have been a symbol of pride, serving for your country. must now be hidden to appease those that disagree with them, and your rights of speech are curtailed.

In the Zimmerman case, the State charged GZ with a crime of murder, even though they admitted in court that they had no evidence that contradicted his story, and had not vetted the background of TM thoroughly. It accepted a fairy tale as the truth, made not attempt to pretend it was impartial. It did this to appease angry crowds, that are firsts victims of  the thug culture they so fervently defend.  The same culture that has ravaged their community, left many of their sons in jail or in the morgue.

Trial schedule to start June 10th, donate to the Defense team if you are able. http://www.gzdefensefund.com/donate/






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