The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 29: The Self-Destroying Narrative

Trayvon Martin, sadly, is being damaged by his own words and actions.  One can argue, to at least some degree, that many young men, particularly those who are shuttled between homes, try to act “tough,” bragging, fighting, perhaps even experimenting with drugs.  Many of those young men eventually grow up and beyond youthful indiscretions.  But many do not, and others end up in jail, or tragically, dead.  That these young men are often in trouble with the police, jailed, injured or killed is not bad luck, prejudice, or ‘profiling,” but the result of their own bad choices.

via The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 29: The Self-Destroying Narrative.

For anyone following this travesty and total abuse of the State’s prosecutorial duties this is another must-read.  Mike with his background in Law Enforcement and knowledge about the Justice System, once again illustrates why the prosecution of George Zimmerman is a fraud and it compounds further a tragedy.

Thank Mike


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