May 14, 2013 – Open Thread/ Zimmerman Case

The State trying to shore up its case,

Nettles has done a great job of breaking down the 9 motions the State filed last Friday. In addition the State released the 16th discovery, which consisted of experts reports trying to identify who was screaming in the 911 call.

The first report by Harry Hollien PhD and James D. Harnsberger PhD from Forensic Communication Associates both are highly credentialed with lots of experience. Despite the cries on the 911 call being deemed “minimum-to-marginal material for identification purposes”, the authors picked 6 “screams” to analyze. It concludes Martin likely made the first two screams and Zimmerman the last two screams, well sort of:

“…While the evidence suggests that Mr. Martin produced the first two utterances and Mr. Zimmerman made the last two, the confidence level for these relationships is not very robust.”

Then there is the method used by them to arrive at their conclusions. The report also states that the analysis method used, “aural-percerptual” is “somewhat subjective” and subject to errors. Translation: It’s not science, we made an educated guess and the screams that were the most clearly heard, those before the gunshot were made by Zimmerman. Strike One for BDLR.

The second report is kind of hard to explain, as it seems like a farce, if it was not so serious. The expert Alan R. Reich Ph.D. can, unlike, the other experts identify 2 voices, one older male one younger but he can make out phrases that are spoken. Combine that with the extraneous commentary make his report seem more a report for a tabloid show than expert testimony. For instance;

“For example, approximately one second after the start of CALL3, Mr. Zimmerman makes a seemingly religious proclamation, “These shall be.” His speech is characterized by the low pitch and exaggerated pitch contour reminiscent of an evangelical preacher or carnivalBarker”

I could go on but the bottom line is that his analysis boils down to 2 voices one younger one older and TM is the younger of the two. Strike 2 for BDLR. Now add the FBI report which could not determine who was screaming, strike 3 BDLR, yer out!

The motions make clear that the is State is determined to hide anything about TM past, his drug use, suspensions, criminal activity, online activity, anything that will put him in a bad light, and can lead someone to think that he could start a fight. In other words they want to preserve the angelic TM image, that was working so well for them, at the beginning.

I don’t know at what point the State realized that the Narrative as is what being told was not accurate, or if they knew all along. What I do know is that the State knows now, and probably has for some time. That they have continued with this farce of a case, despite the lack of evidence and obvious amount of reasonable doubt, is telling. It is well past the time the State admits to their own mistakes;

“The wise know their weakness too well to assume infallibility; and he who knows most, knows best how little he knows.” – Thomas Jefferson

The State appears to have gone into this case with preconceived motions, GZ was guilty, and has been working ever since to try to prove that. They have fallen short, if anything the discovery process has made it clear, that Zimmerman was right. Trial starts June 10th.

kNOw Truth, kNOw Justice

SerinoWill we see the Lead Investigator, Chris Serino, take the stand in the George Zimmerman trial?  In reading the slew of motions filed by the State of Florida late on Friday, May 10th, one might think we won’t.

Headlines yesterday read the Prosecutor doesn’t want the trial to be about Trayvon Martin’s past troubles.  That of course would be unfair to the defendant, in a case where self-defense is being claimed.  The media, without any discovery being disclosed in March and April of 2012 reported repeatedly that Trayvon Martin, the young child, was a victim of a wannabe cop.  Will the Judge help the State continue to portray Trayvon Martin as the innocent victim that night?  We have seen zero evidence of what the State alleges in its Probable Cause Affidavit.

Since the State’s discovery started its slow roll out in May of 2012, it became clear that George Zimmerman was assaulted by this…

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