The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 27: “I forgot about it.”

The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 27: “I forgot about it.”.

Once more, Mike does a wonderful recap of the events of last week’s Hearing in the George Zimmerman case.  As Mike stated once again, I am struck at the ability by the State to obfuscate obvious issues and the Judge’s willingness to allow it.

As we are founding out, the defense is moving to exclude voice analysis testimony  as the conclusions are not concrete but have the potential of being inflammatory and extremely prejudicial. The unraveling of W8 due to the interference of Benjamin Crump, and the unethical to say the least of having an important witness testify next to the crying mother of the deceased,  have allowed the defense to look into other potential evidence that might be submitted by the State.  Follow link for the motion:

Here’s the Orlando-Sentinel take on the proposed testimony.  It is interesting to note that both of the experts involved were originally hired by the newspaper to analyse  a taping of the recording, later added to the State’s witness list. While MOM does not mention which experts they are challenging, a safe assumption is that they include them.


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