The danger of embracing the PC (politcally correct) philosophy as your Moral Guide

A little over a week ago, Bill Maher had on his show  CSU-San Bernardino professor Brian Levin, director of the Center for Study of Hate and Extremism, to talk about the Boston Bombing and the capture of one of the suspects.  It had recently been revealed that religious fervor was a driving force in the bombing attack at the Boston Marathon, and that the suspects were planning further attacks, this in New York’s Time Square. Maher is a favorite of the Political Left and an atheist so that, if he said something against any religion was not surprising, but what he said and how he said it, was certainly surprising to most.

Professor Levin and his Center for Study of Hate and Extremism, is an apologist for Islam, for Minority violence, etc and he came on the show as he had in other occasions to do the excuse the extremism of the Bombers, as he has done for others.  He likes to compare Muslim extremists to Christian extremis who bomb abortion clinic, for instance.  Maher surprised him and probably most in the audience;  Maher expressed a hard truth, one that anybody that lives by the PC rules would never express, watch the clip.

He exposed a truth, a truth that pc-minded people would not only never say, but would attack you for it, and called you an Islamaphope.  Before Bin Laden death, but especially since, the American public has been told over and over the War on Terror is over, al-Qaeda is dead or has been dealt a mortal wound.  We don’t have to worry about Muslim extremists anymore. Some go so far to say that those that do attacks in the name of Islam are not Muslim at all, denial is a big problem with the Muslim community.

This is contrary to the fact, that attempts are still be made some unsuccessfully but with notable exceptions, last September 11th, attack on our Consulate in Libya that killed the Ambassador and 3 other people severely wounding about a dozen more. Just this past week we find out the Canadian security forces stopped another attack, this time to derail a train connecting Canada and New York.

The PC police wants us to think that all Muslims are peaceful, which most are, but there is a fringe that goes to far, and more than a fringe that react approvingly, when the fringe attacks, if they feel that their religion’s sensibilities have been besmirched.  Maher did what no one aligned from the Center to Right politically could say and get away with it, because it came from the Left camp.

The PC police has invaded and is permeated in our government, as a consequence official policies have been implemented with this philosophy as a guide.  As a result, we now have policies that offend others, in other to not offend anyone.  Confused yet, quick example in soldiers are now asked to remove Bible verses that were sketched on by the manufacturer from their rifles.   Soldiers are not allowed to have Bibles in Afghanistan or Iraq, the Church of England school now has separate prayer facilities for boys and girls and does not sing any Christian Hymns, the problem is not just in America but in Europe too.

PC thinking extends beyond Religion, it enters into all aspects of life, including the one that I am most interested about at this time, its effect on the Criminal Justice System and the Media.

In the mid 1960’s when the War of Poverty was started to end poverty in the US, we have seen profound changes in American Society,  the results of the Trillions of dollars have been dismal.  The poverty rate was about 15% then it is at 17% now, for example. It also does not help the government changes the rules to maintain that number.

The changes have seen Black and White middle class neighborhoods ravaged as the policies that were meant to end poverty instead institutionalized poverty.  The Charities, mostly Christian, that used to help the impoverished were replaced by a large government bureaucracy whose PC policies made get out of poverty, nearly impossible for many. Instead of helping get out of poverty as the government defined it, it has become a clutch to many, at the same time it has changed the views of Marriage, pre-marital sex, work and personal responsibility.

As the Society changed, the media became the PC police, they changed the reporting policy, so as not to reflect poorly on any group, or ethnicity.  They search, for stories that would highlight what they perceived as un-PC behaviour, while ignoring, under reporting and in some instances changing stories that would put others in a bad light.

It has become a policy in most major news outlets in large Urban areas that when describing a suspect, if he is black this information not be released. While stories of alleged police would get headlines, mass killings by gang members were barely mentioned. Those that were reported were usually from the victim’s point of view.  Scandals involving minority politician, are a local story, while  at the same time accusations about a politician on the Right are on the front-page.  The issue is so prevalent that if you read an article that portrays a misdeed and the party denomination is not mentioned, you could be assured it was someone on the Left.

By following this PC philosophy, the MSM tied its hands, it could not longer report things that would put the PC philosophy in a bad light.  The manner of its stories changed, straight forward reporting was replaced by what the media called “hard-hitting” stories, which in essence was excusing any bad acts by looking for a PC angle to the coverage or not reporting at all.  A recent example was the non-coverage of the Dr. Grosnell trial.  He is an abortion doctor who was performing illegal late-term abortions, and killing the babies born in botched abortions by severing their neck.  It is believed that up to 100 babies were killed in this gruesome manner. His actions also   led to the death of at least 2 of his patients, though he is facing charges for only 1.  This story as un-PC as it gets,  Dr. Grosnell is also a black physician, the problem was known by the regulating authorities and Planned Parenthood, was directing those that wanted illegal abortions to him, because they would not do them.

Some in the MSM tried to place the blame on the Right by suggesting that the reason Dr. Grosnell was able to operate in such a manner was the Right Wing stance against abortion and the restrictions that it had put on them. This is the PC angle, abortions are good and any restrictions on them would create more Dr. Grosnell.  The media had put itself in the position that it could not report the story correctly, so most of the MSM just ignored the story. Instead, stories were written about the lack of coverage, about the excuses for not covering the story. One such excuse was mentioned  in several media outlets;  the excuse was that it was a local crime story not deserving the added expense to send reporters  to cover it.  This particular excuse is important to remember and we will come back to it.

News stories became 3 paragraphs of actual reporting and 10 of editorialized filler, changes were going on at the Justice System as well.  After the turbulent 60’s and early 70’s large swings in population were going on in most Urban areas.  The black middle class was dwindling, those neighborhood taken over by the institutionalized poor citizens, immigrants and a criminal element.

Crime in minority areas had been a minor problem, now it became a major headache.  One that has overwhelmed the Justice Systems to this day. “White Flight” (a misused term, as it first used to describe the Europeans leaving the anti-colonial policies being implemented in Africa) was the common PC reason given for the deteriorating circumstances in Urban Areas. Forgotten was the Black Flight that was  occurring at the same time, as Middle class Blacks also moved to the Suburbs to escape the same problems, Whites families were escaping, that were happening in the same urban areas.

The PC media would report the high numbers of arrests, the high number of crimes but would ignore in the reporting who was committing those crimes in these Urban Areas now devoid of the Middle Class. Any reporting was to point out the disparities. The media mention the perpetrators of the crimes came only, to blame past racial problems as the root cause for the poverty and criminality.  This led to an Urban Myth,  which still lives to this day; Blacks are targeted by the police, and the Justice System and  more disposed to convict blacks and minorities than whites.

The stats are bleak, anyway you look at them, but study after study when variables are accounted for, the truth is this is Not True. In fact, some studies have found that black defendants are treated with more leniency in some areas that comparable white or hispanic defendants. This includes the DOJ studies conducted by the government.  This is the un-PC Truth, which never gets reported and will label me a Racist for pointing that out. I was having a conversation with someone who insisted that blacks were targeted and killed by the police, ” the police are exterminating black”, that was his cry on Twitter. I took the time to find out, this was a difficult endeavor as a National database for cop killings is not available, so the information is hard to obtain. For the year of 2011 the last year for which I could get the most accurate stats, there were 220 cop killing of black suspects, out of 538 total.  Which worked out to about 1 every 40 hours as he kept telling me.  This is a sad statistic, but I put it context of the 2.4 million arrest, 4500 of them for homicide, almost 600 of which were by juveniles under the age of 18 and a population of 43 million.  Put in that context, the amount does not give the same impression, especially since black on black homicides is more than 10 times that number.

A few years back, the Rev. Jesse Jackson had this to say:

 “I hate to admit it, but I have reached a stage in my life that if I am walking down a dark street late at night and I see that the person behind me is white, I subconsciously feel relieved.”

He spoke the truth, but to this day some that followed the PC philosophy have called Jackson anything from, old dinosaur, to irrelevant, to a sell-out.  Rev. Jackson walked back that statement and claimed it was taken out of context, but the truth was out for the world to see. Black Republicans have been pointing this out for years, but have been shouted down or ignored by the PC media.

This brings me to the Boston bombers and another case that caught National attention last year.  I am referring to the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case.  In the Boston bombing case the Media had attempted to blame the Tea Party, right-wing extremists, lack of gun control, misplaced youth, and our Society for the bombing.  As news of the real reason for the bombings, Islamic religious fervor. The media have shifted, so now they excuse the surviving bomber as one that was brain-washed by his brother and now it appears his mother. At the same time Tom Brokaw ask what is American Society doing to turn what appeared like any regular young man into a terrorist? American Society is still blamed.

In the case of George Zimmerman, the media has blame race, first labeling Zimmerman as a White supremacist, then using a seldom used label of White Hispanic, to maintain the white label on Zimmerman.  Nobody calls the President a White-Black man, or would ever think of doing such a thing.  This is coming from the same media that now it is claiming that it does not report on local crime stories, which this was.

What made the GZ vs. TM story different that any of the hundreds of over cases with similar circumstances, was the PC media inability to accept that GZ might be right.  TM was painted as an aspiring astronaut, the PC media just lapped it up.  The truth, as it alway does, started to come out, TM was helped by the Miami-Dade Schools Police policy of  ignoring , erasing or misreporting of  criminal acts.  This will the goal in mind of reducing the Statistics of Black crimes in the School System.  This policy directed from the top, the Chief of Police, who when one reporter had the temerity to report accurately information detailing Trayvon’s activities and multiple suspensions, an internal investigation was launched to catch the officers who released the information to the media.  A touch of irony is that this Internal Affairs  investigation, eventually led to the Chief being terminated for this policy and other issues brought forth by the investigation.

Another Chief of Police was also fired, this time it was the Chief in Sanford, his un-PC crime was not arresting Zimmerman, right away, his years of the force or knowledge of the law non-withstanding his decision to stand by the investigators and not filing charges led to his dismissal.

The PC establishment demanded an arrest, the myth that had it been a black man, he would have been arrested right away (btw GZ was arrested, and interrogated released because evidence confirmed his claim of self-defense). Those that  support GZ are labeled racist, child killer sympathizers by the those the use PC as they Moral Guide. The feel that they are Morally superior in this, and completely ignore any evidence that points a different picture.  To say that GZ did nothing wrong by reporting a suspicious character, who GZ later was able to identify as Black, is crime a crime of  un-PC thought, this crime carries the penalty of derision, insults, and the label of Racist.

The PC media failed Zimmerman, as it tried to convict him publicly, the Justice System is failing as it bowed to the pressure of PC minded mob.  Freedom of Speech is one of our most revered freedoms, but we are allowing that right to be diluted in the search of  Political Correctness. We can no longer say Christmas Holidays, or fireman, or illegal alien, Islamist, Jihadist, or tons of other words that are being retired in the name of PC.  Just as we can’t point to Black Crime, or look into the policies that drove the Miami School Police Department to fudge its reports, this is un-PC, if the consequences on Society will be dire, I will leave you with a quote from President Ronald Reagan’ s farewell speech in 1989;

 Almost all the world’s constitutions are documents in which governments tell the people what their privileges are. Our Constitution is a document in which ‘We the People’ tell the government what it is allowed to do. ‘We the People’ are free.

Don’t be afraid to see what you see

If I may add to the last quote, and say it out loud.



  1. Hi bori. Not very many bloggers can divide emotion when writing about such philosophical topics. This is most appreciative as I a in need of such an example. LOL I still have loads of word docs. I have written and need to weed through on writing on this topic for quite a few weeks now. I am not quite ready to post them yet.

    Back when I grew up, MSM were journalist who reported on local news events, and the major news back then were things that affected Americans on a whole. There was no black or white news. There were no republican/democrat/liberal news stations. Even investigative reporters goal was to develop a story for the people to become informed.

    Even as I look back through history including the civil rights movement, it was for equality not segregation. I feel the corporation of MSM has effected not only public policy, but our judicial system as you have clearly pointed out. But there are bigger fish to fry becasue everyone needs a cats paw.

    Besides all the things we know, the issue now is, we the people can continue to keep attempting to convince one another of what is going on, or we take action but where? The problem now is……. who IS the machine?

  2. I totally forgot I wanted to leave a comment about the Tea party being accused of producing such a clear terrorist attack to our American ideals and respect! I may not agree with the some of the Tea Parties presentations and delivery on some topics. look it is the quite ones you all need to worry about. All level headed conservatives, moderates, libertarians, and Tea party members are all about accountability, the constitution, rights, the process and the law. This is what we seek, this is what we are attempting to keep as our traditions!

    That thought process is as dangerous as the terrorist themselves. We are steps away from becoming what we have avoided all this time. And even more reason to fight for the second amendment!

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