Update thoughts/ Danny Warrion GZ case

Danny Warrior with a great recap of the latest on the Zimmerman case, it returns to court on April 30th.

Update thoughts (Read more)

Excellent recap, about Crump and the his filling the settlement into the criminal record.

There is another reason Crump wanted to add the settlement into the record, when Sybrina or Tracy were on the stand, he knew MOM would ask about any lawsuit or settlement as a result of the shooting.

IMO MOM had already asked that in the depositions, so they knew it was bound to out, by filling in the court and sealing just the information that he wanted, he affects the jury pool, pre-empt MOM at trial, a possibly embarrassing moment in the stand.

From what I found it is possible that he may have the law on his side. So, there is little damage done to his client but the damage to GZ is yet to be known.

I found that the answer from Crump did not come from Blackwell interesting, as Blackwell was the attorney of record representing Crump.

Another thing that will be interesting to watch will be how Judge Nelson rules on BDLR’s motion to force the Defense to reveal its strategy, this is attorney work product, and she already ruled against MOM on the same issue in Crump’s favor.  Will she do the same with MOM?

It will be an interesting Tuesday to say the least.


  1. Yeah…Yeah. Had to come over here and let you know ….YOU WERE RIGHT!

    In my defense ” I have bronchitis an’t nobody got time fo that”
    Seriously though I have been sick as a freaking dog. I don’t know what’s worse being sick or the meds. they put you on. One day I can’t move, the next they put me on Prendisone and I’m ready to plan vacations, go fishing, & wanting to fix everything that’s been needin fixin. Instead I just unleashed on the doc. dump. Baby steps…lol

    You got a kick out of BDLR’s DEMAND too? I could only laugh. Really. That’s all I could do. Tuesday will be GOOD.

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