We live in Interesting Times

For those that were in outer space or exploring caverns last week, was a terribly eventful one. A terrorist attack, letters with ricin poison sent to a Senator and President Obama, a fire at a fertilizer plant that caused a huge explosion and eviscerated the town of West, TX, an earthquake of the coast of Japan, followed by another in China days later and finally we had a car chase that included, thousands of rounds of ammunition, explosions, more bombs and ended in the capture on 1 of the suspects of the terrorist attack, the other having been killed by the surviving suspect when he ran over him with the getaway SUV. Interesting times.

For future historians if they wanted to know the state of affairs in the country during our times, all they would need is to read the accounts and the comments of the media and the people after the events and they would know right away all they needed to know about our country’s state of affairs. The divisiveness, the wild accusations, the pointing of fingers and of course the people using tragedies to advance their own agendas, were all plain to see for anyone who wanted it to.

We had a successful terrorist attack that killed 3, injured as last count 178 others and caused over a dozen amputations at the Boston Marathon, a yearly family event, and the oldest in the country. Two bombs, filled with nails and ball bearings for maximum carnage, were placed in the crowd along the route of the runners, one near the finish line, the other about 100 yards away. Among the many tragic victims of the senseless attack was an 8-year-old boy, who was there with his mother, sister and older brother cheering his father who had run in the marathon. The boy, Martin Richard, died in the bombing attack, his mother and sister are still in serious condition in the hospital, and his older brother somehow was uninjured. Thankfully for the victims of the attack, it was a marathon and the bombs were placed closed to the finish line. That meant that they dozens of nurses, ambulances, doctors, and interestingly enough National Guard troops who were carrying their full rucksack. In those rucksack they had medical kits that were used on the victims, had that not been the case, the death toll would undoubtably, been a lot higher. The loss of blood from limbs blown apart, and lack of intravenous fluids would have killed most of them.

Within minutes of the bombs going off, pundits on both sides started blaming other people or organizations. With no information whatsoever, the Progressives blamed right-wing extremist for the bombings, after all it was Patriots Day and it was Tax Day, so the proper way to protest both in the opinion of Progressives is to plant a bomb in a crowded venue. On the other side, while for the most part calmer heads prevailed, the Right blamed left-wing Progressives for the bombing attacks; it was Boston, where the Tea Party got its inspiration from, after all. In the end both were wrong, the suspects turned out to be 2 Caucasian, ethnic Chechen, Muslim brothers who had arrived as refugees and had been in the country for about 10 years. The two brothers on 19 years old, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was a student at UMass-Dartmouth University, he had been captain of the wrestling team in High School, like to smoke pot and a general party boy. The other brother was Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was 26 years old, an amateur boxing champion, part-time student was married with a 3-year-old daughter he died when his brother ran him over with the SUV he used as a getaway vehicle.

Before the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured, the apologists started coming out in force. He was described as a fun-loving (pot smoker) guy, he loved to party, Obama, had many friends, etc. The calls that he could not have done it had begun. His older brother, who was quieter, was blamed for everything. He it was found out had religious extremist views; he had even been kicked out of a local mosque for screaming at his Imam, but Dzhokhar he was a sweet boy studying to be a marine biologist. As soon as he was captured calls to treat him as a citizen, he was naturalized on 9/11/2012, ironically that same day there was another Islamic terrorist attack, this one on the Benghazi Consulate, the Ambassador and 3 other people died in that attack. The Leftist Progressives wanted him to be Mirandized and given all the protection the Constitution grants its citizens, the Right wanted him named an enemy combatant, and as such he could be interrogated indefinitely and tried by a Military Tribunal.

Tom Brokaw on Meet the Press was asking what was wrong with this country that turned someone who has been here for 10 years, into a terrorist. Mathews on MSNBC was wondering what was the big deal, only 3 people died in the bombing, and implied that the bombers failed in their attack. Geraldo apologized to his Muslims brothers and Sisters for the friction this would cause in their community. On twitter several #Johar is innocent (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) threads appeared including one asking for funds to defend him. It does not matter that the bomber has admitted to bombings or that they had other bombs with them and planned to use them; according to the car-jacked victim whose car they stole, they were headed to New York for more mayhem. It does not matter that the day after the bombing he was at a party in his college, or that he told his car-jacked victim who was Chinese, that they had spared him because he was not American. I guess he did not considered himself American, even though he swore loyalty to the country when he was naturalized, in the end it won’t matter as the DOJ will be prosecuting him as an American citizen and will be afforded those rights he so callously took for granted.

I think that blogger Ace of Spades, explains the empathy phenomenon the best:

I went off on this phenomenon yesterday on Twitter, noting that we are now in the Conspicuous Compassion Floor Exercise program of the Moral Peacocking Olympics.

Many statements during this phase must be discounted as to their false mention of external facts, such as terrorism. That is just a red herring. The real subject of these sorts of Look at Me and Be Amazed by My Empathy and Cleverness statements is, as usual, The Almighty I.

Palmer, whoever she is, doesn’t want to talk about Dzhohkar; she wants to talk about herself. However, as there’s a social penalty associated with Narcissism, many Narcissists have learned to make statements seemingly about external matters which in fact are actually all about The Almighty I.

A year ago, another case had the nation riveted. I am referring to the George Zimmerman shooting of Trayvon Martin. In the beginning it was just another local crime matter and was treated as such by the media. Due to a concerted effort by the Public Relation Firm the family of Trayvon Martin, the case became a national story. Much like Johar, Trayvon Martin was portrayed as an innocent youth with great aspirations and even greater expectations. The media painted George Zimmerman on the other hand as a racist, out of control, vigilante with a gun. Once, evidence of Zimmerman’s mixed heritage was known, a seldom used acronym “white Hispanic” was used to describe him. The racial theme had to remain. Zimmerman’s father a retired magistrate in Virginia whose primary functions are to conduct probable cause hearings on complaints of criminal conduct brought by law enforcement or the general public and to determine whether an arrested person is eligible for bail, was now anything from Federal Judge to a Supreme Court Judge, was blamed for Zimmerman’s lack of arrest.

Evidence that was exculpatory to Zimmerman was ignored or in some cases, tampered with. The Non-emergency call that Zimmerman made requesting the police investigate TM was edited to make Zimmerman sound racist; the CCTV tapes leaked to the media used the ABC logo over his head to cover Zimmerman’s injuries corroborating his account. Another ABC employee was present during the State’s star witness first interview, he and his assistant recorded the interview, but only a 5 minute excerpt of that tape was saved, in that small portion of the larger 25 minute interview, it is clearly evident that the Martin family attorney is not only coaching the witness, but creating evidence. Dozens of articles from Washington Post and others decried the racial elements of a case that had none.

Pictures of the young TM were shown non-stop, his innocence and good manners were taken for granted, comparisons to tragic events of long ago, such as Emmett Till the 14-year-old tortured and killed in Mississippi in 1955. Other instances of racial crimes were noted, the city of Sanford has had issues with the AA community ever since it absolved Goldsboro, an AA community during the segregated south years. Curiously overlooked was that Zimmerman had helped bring to justice the son of another Sanford police officer after he was caught on tape beating a homeless black man Sherman Ware, leading to the conviction of the attacker and the sacking of the Sanford Police Chief.

It did not matter by that time, as the politician from the President, who called TM his son, to Congress which was having resolutions about the case, to the Governor who allowed or forced the local prosecutor to step aside so that a new special prosecutor be named, to the Mayor who released the 911 tapes, against the wishes of the police, to the lead investigator who punted the case to State Attorney. Zimmerman’s due process rights were hijacked for political reasons, now he faces life in prison. The evidence that will be used against him will be almost entirely the same evidence that was found wanting before, until the politics of the case, and public pressure from all those who are trying to demonstrate, that they care, that they empathized, that they understand however misguided that is or that it is based on a lie.

There is evidence now, that TM was not the angel he was portrayed to be. That the reason he does not have a criminal records has nothing to do with how well behave he was, but because of another misguided attempt by the Empathizers, this time to reduce the incidence of criminality among black youths in the Miami-Dade School System. Who in order to lower the statistics of criminal behavior in its schools, mislabeled, misrepresented criminal acts into something not needing Police attention, leaving the School System to hand out discipline, this is why TM was on his 3rd 10 day suspension for that school year, that was just over half over. It was the reason he was in Sanford that day, to get away from his neighborhood, however briefly, where he was getting in trouble.

In both instances misguided people in their attempt to be understanding rushed to judgment, the more prudent ones have jumped the Trayvon Martin ship as has most of the National media. In the end the damage is done, Zimmerman will be tried in court for a crime he did not commit, Johar will get his American citizen rights he squandered and did not care for. We the people lose in both cases. Interesting Times, indeed.