Crump files a response wants details of Settlement kept Confidential

Once again, attorney Benjamin Crump, the attorney for the Martin Family wants to hide information behind privilege and confidentiality. On April 4th, without a reason or an apparent need, Crump filed paperwork into the George Zimmerman criminal case. The documents were the confidential agreement between the Martin family and the HOA. The following day the Court Clerk sent Crump a letter informing Crump that the documents did meet the criteria, and would be unsealed. Crump was allotted 10 days to file a response to the Court as to why the Confidential Settlement should not be unsealed.

Today we get Crump’s response. In a 4 page filing today asking Judge Nelson to keep the settlement amount and the parties in the agreement to be kept confidential. In other words he does not mind that the Settlement is known to all, just that the conditions, the people involved and the amount be kept secret. This transparent attempt to influence and prejudiced the jury pool is blatant. Attorney Crump knows full well that a settlement reached before the conclusion and determination of the criminal case, send a bias message to a potential jury pool.

Just as he manipulated the political leadership to force a filing of charges, he is now attempting to do the same with potential jurors. It will up to Judge Nelson to see past this and unseal the details of the settlement, which had been reached months ago but, added to the record only recently. If the settlement was meant to be maintained confidential, then he should not have it entered on the record of the criminal case which has no bearing on the settlement.

His contentions that a financial settlement would not affect the testimony of Sybrina Fulton or Tracy Martin are belied by his own testimony in the 15 page Affidavits where he clearly states that he was retained with the express purpose of filing civil litigation or the communications of the Family though their attorney on March 14th, 2012 to the HOA stating their intentions to sue. It is clear what the family intentions were, even back then when evidence of guilt or the existence of the State’s star witness.

This Witness 8, the same witness, that he and the family found hid from the authorities, recorded a declaration that to this day remains mostly unintelligible, without LE or SAO’s. The same witness a partial recording by the ABC news crew present recorded, clearly demonstrate that Crump is coaching and in his own words had spoken about the events with Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, something both now deny. This is the same witness that Crump refuses to answer questions about, that led to the Defense team to file a Petition for a Writ from the 5th District Court of Appeals.

As with Witness 8, Crump is once again inserting himself in the criminal case. Once again he was to release information that he feels his is to his benefit, while trying to claim privilege and/or confidentiality to information detrimental to his case and flouting the law in the process. Will Judge Nelson put a stop to Crump’s shenanigans and remind Mr.Crump that he is an attorney representing the Martin family in Civil court, and that this proceedings are in Criminal Court and that BDLR/Corey are the ones representing the State.

In a total slap to the face of logic and fairness, Crump claims that releasing the settlement amount and naming the parties involved,


Was that not your goal, eh, Mr. Crump!

Link below, (Crump’s response)



  1. I wake up, look on your blog , & see that face! Uhg. I can not agree with your post more. There was no freaking reason the guy had to file other then to let it be known there was a settlement. Why he wants it known? Well, for me I do see it as trying to taint, but his objective was also to just let Team Lean know. It could back fire on him if he wanted to taint any type of jury. A criminal jury or a civil jury. A jury may look at the “victim” see he was not as innocent as the State proclaims, view GZ as the victim defending himself , and the settlement in their eyes could be the justice the family deserves for bring up such a punk of a son. They could view it as TM caused his own fate.

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