Zimmerman defense files Motion to unseal Settlement

While the Zimmerman and Martin family squabble on the 1 year anniversary of the arrest of George Zimmerman the Defense Team has filed a Motion in Court to have the details of the settlement unsealed or a demand for specific discovery.  It seems that Crump, the Martin’s family attorney intended for the details of the settlement to remain sealed, though he did want to add them to the record of the case.   The Defense Team is not going to allow him to do that and baring an order from the Judge, the document will become public knowledge.

(read motion) http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0413/mot_to_unseal.pdf

Today, on the anniversary of the arrest the mother of George Zimmerman had written a letter, decrying the unjust arrest of his son and thanking his supporters.  The Martin family responded by releasing their own statement saying,

it is disingenuous and disrespectful to the very system that is currently affording him every available opportunity to defend himself

The settlement documents which inexplicably were filed by attorney Benjamin Crump and added into the record of the criminal case against Zimmerman, appeared to be headed for release anyhow as the Clerk had given Crump 10 days to respond as Clerk of the Court had determined that the records did not merit to remain as confidential information.  None of the parties involved in the settlement has yet to object to their release.


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