The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 26: You Have Been Weighed In The Balances and Found Wanting

Thank you, Mike for your insightful look at the latest developments.


According to papers submitted to court today, the Martin Family has reached a settlement with the HOA at Retreat Twin Lakes. The settlement said to be to north of 1 Million dollars was reached a few months ago, according to Mark O’Mara attorney for George Zimmerman.  You can read the rest here:

Stately McDaniel Manor

I write this article with dread in that this scruffy little blog is in danger of becoming the “all Trayvon Martin all the time” spot on the Internet.  However, there are several new developments that are, as they say in the law, “ripe” for discussion.  In Update 24, I suggested Judge Debra Nelson was worthy of pity.  I may soon have to modify that formulation to suggest that she is, rather, pitiful.  And now, once more unto the breach, dear readers, once more.


Enclosed as an attachment to Deputy Special Prosecutor Bernard de la Rionda’s responseto Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara’s motion for sanctions against him(Update 25) was a letter he represented as having been written by Dee Dee, who he called “this teenager.”  This is, in itself, significant as one of the subjects of O’Mara’s motion is the fact that…

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  1. Normally, you start a letter to, “Dear Sabrina”, I wanted you to relate my conversation with my dear love Trayvon. I wanted to explain why I did not contact anyone after 22 days – because I thought this was a “normal fight” that Trayvon “tended to get into” – so I did not want to “bother” him by calling him back – to find out who won.


    • I think what this letter demonstrates if, it indeed was written by DeeDee is the type and personality of person she is. Cold, impersonal, detached, it also shows that she has a propensity to lie, if it suits her. I don’t think she is dumb at all, maybe uneducated but that is not the same thing. She can play victims, and she can also be very cold.

      • Hi Bori – I think Bernie verified that this letter was written by “DeeDee”. When O’mara interview DeeDee he should ask her point-blank – if she wrote this letter. If she says yes – then he should ask her to write a paragraph, so he can compare DeeDee’s cursive writing style – with this letter. I would bet DeeDee would refuse to do it – and that someone else actually wrote this letter. ( I suspect another lie. )

  2. I’ve listened several times to W8’s interview with BDLR. You can’t fake stupidity like that. In their brief before the court of appeals, the defense says that Crump was the first person to talk to W8. Unless that’s a mistake, it is pretty interesting since Tracy said he called the number, talked to the girl, and said that his attorney would be in contact her.

    The circumstances by which W8 was identified will be key in this case

    • Oh, I see you made this point below. So this is real interesting.

      Crump, in his interview, tells W-8 that “you said something different to Mr. Tracy and Ms. Sybrina.” (or words to that effect).

      So at the very least:

      1. Crump talks to W8

      2. Tracy talks to W8

      3. Sybrina talks to W8

      4. Somebody gets a written statement from W8

      5. Crump interviews W8.

      Obviously this all didn’t happen in 24 hours. Crump needs to be deposed.

  3. Another problem Crump has is he said in Court, I am paraphrasing, “I have only talked to that young lady once, and I did not know her name or address”, this is being contradicted by other statements and evidence.

  4. All this makes me wonder if the only reason the prosecution is pursuing this case is because they have (or think they have) GPS and ping logs from TM’s and/or GZ’s phone that contradict GZ’s version of events.

    • I don’t think so, according to MOM’s presser in February, the GPS data was missing for the day in question. The Ping Logs are not as accurate, so IMO they are going to be inconclusive.

      I know they are people at the CTH that feel they have not been released, but I don’t think that is the case. The agreement early with Judge Lester regarding phone communications is preventing their release to the public.

      Based on the laser-like concentration the Defense is showing on DD, while ignoring the phone or other evidence, it is my belief that the Prosecution does not have anything else, if DD is excluded or sufficiently impeached the case is won.

  5. Hi Bori. I detoured on my road trip and found your link at Mike McDaniels. Why do I have the funny feeling that what you call your “little blog” is about to gain many more people who just want to talk about the case? I’m getting very discouraged with the infighting that seems to have exploded. As many have pointed out, this week may prove to be very interesting, especially while wating to see if the 5th district will or won’t take up the defense Writ.

      • Bori- I’m putting this here, as I am about done on the other sites. I never meant to flatter you, I meant to say you have had a grasp on the case that doesn’t include the detrractors from this side or that. That is not flattery, that is factual and cognizant. We all know that many, and even most unfortunately, will go to one side or the other, and find fighting to be almost a spectator sport. It’s sad that some thrive on the diversion and contraversy. It’s like watching Dr. Phil and thinking that he really does do some kind of intervension, or reading the National Enquirer for the latest news. That is exactly what it seems to me that many have gone to. GZ needs to be exonerated from this and any further legal action against him. You know what Bori, I could care less about what anyone says about GZ, his family, or his team of lawyers. Have they made mistakes, absolutely. I was never aware that anyone was supposed to be perfect. Thanks again Bori for your reasoned advocacy. Your “little website” may just be the island in the storms that are raging everywhere it seems.

      • What I don’t understand is what does the settlement have to do with the criminal case. Also, as Dman has posted, why was Crump, not a part of the defense or prosecution (not formally anyway) allowed to enter anything into the record for the criminal trial? I may just be very dense, but I see the settlement, with him negotiating a financial settlement for the Martin parents, as an even larger argument against him being any kind of opposing council for the criminal proceedings. Did he submit the settlement documents to the court hoping that it would appear to the judge, who I’m not sure reads everything, that it is proof of GZ guilt in a wrongful death. It clearly states that the HOA does not admit to any liability, and that Crump agreed that the money was not to be construed as a wrongful death payment. I’m not sure what the 5th DCA would consider the settlement as being, if anything. Surely they know that this is a civil matter and has nothing to do with him submitting to a depo. on his role with the manufacture of DD.

        I am also very curious as to who accepted the document at the court, and who decided that it will not be confidential within 10 days, as some were saying that Nelson was on vacation last week when this all took place. Also, who gave a copy of it, or partial copy to Rene Stutzman? Did Crump actually walk himself into a landmine?

      • This is just a great PR move by Crump, the settlement was done in November, by doing this filling he is basically diverting attention from the other GZ news, the DD lies, the request for Sanctions, the Writ in the court of Appeals.

        We know that now matter what the settlement says, it looks bad on GZ. I further pollutes the jury by letting everyone know that the HOA settled rather than wait for a trial. People will think the evidence was not as strong, etc.

        In one move he swiftly seeded doubt in the general public, polluted the jury pool, and managed to shift the discussion, away from the problems of the prosecution.

  6. Bori- I totally agree with you that this was done as a publicity stunt. The thing is, and in some cases is helpful, the public move from one news story to the next with breakneck speed. If this was done to pollute the jury pool, wouldn’t he have been better off having this news leaked closer to the trial, if one happens? If the DCA takes up the writ, and the defense can depose Crump, what story comes out of that deposition likely will trump the settlement news, no? Even if he takes the fifth over and over, doesn’t that imply complicity, and that he has something to hide? I don’t know when the defense will start releasing their discovery, but that also will shift the news.

    On another topic, can I ask you if Dman is saying that he doesn’t want any discussion on his latest article to be about anything other than talking about blogging and proper commenting? Am I reading that correctly? If that is so I am sad about that because I am finding Cbolt’s comments to be very informative and enlightening. I absolutely do understand that Dman has every right to control the discussion to what he wants to talk about, just as much as you do with this blog.

    • I think Crump knew the news was going to come out so doing this way he controlled the disclosure to his benefit.
      With Dman, his point is he want conversations to stick to the subject, and he is not an Open Thread. He has added 2 new post, one concerning the friend of MOM who twitted that MOM had not involvement in the settlement, and a breaking Nettles 18 thread where breaking new can be talked about.

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