Mike, breaks down the temper tantrum that the Bernie had in response to the motions for sanctions due to his actions. Another great article by our favorite English Professor.

Stately McDaniel Manor

“Oh yeah?  Well, O’Mara is a poopy-face and he’s done wrong stuff too!  Look!  Squirrels!  And lookit this: I’m so smart I can quote Shakespeare, and he can’t!  Nyaaah, nyaaah!”

Thus is the substance of Special Prosecutor Bernard de la Rionda’s reply to Mark O’Mara’s motion for sanctions against de la Rionda for violation of his legal obligations.

In this series of articles I have often commented on the upside down nature of virtually everything about this case.  It began before George’s Zimmerman’s arrest, when, bowing to the racial grievance industry and political pressure, Florida’s Governor and Attorney General appointed a special prosecutor.  At that point, there was only one reason for that appointment: to arrest and prosecute Zimmerman regardless of the evidence.  The Sanford Police Department had already conducted a competent investigation and had presented the facts to the local prosecutor who made an entirely reasonable and professional decision…

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