Judge Nelson cancels hearing schedule for April 2nd and Denies Reconsideration Motion from the bench

In another twists in this story the Judge canceled the next scheduled hearing and made a decision on one of the motions pending. According to the Defense the cancellation of the hearing was at the Judge’s request and the Defense was not consulted.


The Judge also ruled on the Reconsideration Motion file by the Defense, the Judge ruled from the bench-Denied. There was no reason given or legal argument.

Some legal analysts had predicted that the Judge would allow the Deposition of Crump if only a limited one, as Crump by his actions, words and Affidavit had waived any privileges. Crump was not a legal representative of Witness 8 so no privilege was attached, and his press conferences and allowing a member of the press during the interview, should have waived any privilege that was attached as the Family lawyer. Judges order below.


There are still 2 motions pending before the Judge, both are sanctions requests derived from the Prosecutions past behaviour. The first sanction motion is in regards to the Prosecution hiding the age and knowledge that Witness 8 had lied under oath since at least August.

The other sanction Motion also deals with Witness 8, and the refusal by BDLR in allowing the videotaping of her deposition. The Defense had given prior notice in advance, complying with applicable law, causing a delay of 5 hours. MOM and the Defense started the Deposition without the videotaping but were unable to finish the Deposition.

More to come.



  1. When does Nelson rule on O’mara’s complaint about Bernie’s most recent objections. Is that at the NEXT hearing, in late April? Or can she cancel that also, and slip that into May? (Eye roll).

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