How much did the media contribute to the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman Story?

“A picture speaks a thousand words”


This has caused an uproar in some media outlets, from calling Robert, racist and ignorant to simply saying that it is proof that George Zimmerman is guilty as he saw Trayvon as a risky black teen.

The Toronto Sun, used this picture,


That the Sun choose this picture to lead its story speaks of the argument that Robert Z. is making. This illustrates the bias of the Toronto Sun, to use a picture of a smiling young Trayvon, when more appropiate pictures are available are inflammatory. The lede in itself was dripping with acidict bias;

George Zimmerman’s brother says ‘black teens’ are ‘risky’

To any casual reader it looks as if this was a quote from George Zimmerman himself, demonstrating the bias that drove him to follow a young man he perceived as dangerous.

Think Progress (can’t get over that name) blog went further by proclaiming that;

George Zimmerman’s Brother: ‘Black Teens’ Are Killers

“By his brother’s logic, this frequent suspicion of black people was not due to prejudice but because black people pose a genuine and constant threat to everyone around them.”

My very first post here back in May, was in response to the one-sided views that were constantly desseminated by the media against GZ. When news or evidence that was exculpatory, the media hid it deep in their reporting or simply ignored it. Is the information was negative or neutral it was given the headline and expoused continually.

The largest failing of the media was is lacked of investigation, even as newspapers around the world were reporting the story, very little was investigated. After the March 7th story in Reuters and the press conference next day by the Family of Trayvon, there was little investigation into the story.


What we got was just a repeat of the same information daily, the only new information was the leaks, that usually only served to portray GZ as a cold hearted criminal, or coverage of the demonstrations and their raucous leaders, Sharpton, Jackson, Jelous, who went to Sanford to stir things up and get some face time on TV.

A template was set, Trayvon was the victim of a racist bully, who chased him around the apartment complex. Trayvon was an innocent child, who was targeted by GZ because he was black and had a hoodie on.

Nobody wondered about Trayvon’s life, his friends, his school back at home in Miami. The media completely disregarded his family life, his living arrangements. The glossed over the reason he was in Sanford. While some of this can be attributed to Trayvon’s age but this has never stop the media before. In this case even the heart-tugging, symphathy inducing stories were forgotten. Nobody wanted to ask difficult questions, the narrative was set, the stories were the same from paper to paper and tv to tv.

Mediate has decided to put their two cents in;

Even if every word that George Zimmerman says is true, Trayvon Martin was still only guilty of beating a man who was stalking him with a gun.

George Zimmerman’s Brother Pimping Comparison Of Trayvon Martin And Alleged Georgia Baby-Killer

And there it is, George should have taken his licks for disrespecting Trayvon, he asked for it, and was getting it. Thanks to Ytz4mee for pointing this article.

I will be detailing in more detail the complicity of the media in the story in another post.



  1. Very well written! This case has, from the beginning, been a tool by which the BGI could steam roll their way over anyone who stood in the way of their goals…..$$$. The media has willingly driven the steam roller, giving no regard whatsoever to the victims that were squished along the way.

  2. As someone born and bred in Toronto, I found the Sun’s spin interesting … and how quickly the Progs were activated to dominate the comments section. Gotta tamp this thing down!

    The hypocrisy is stunning. Just say the words, “Jane and Finch” to any pre-diversity, native-born Torontonian, and they will know *exactly* what that means.

  3. The evolving “narrative” as the facts continue to melt away from their position, is an ongoing study in sociology and the new media.

    “Mediatite”‘s piece as a result of the marching orders from the Scheme Team (solidarity!) is a case in point. The lede is a loaded cannon, designed to inflame emotions before “reason” can even be engaged. It’s shock schlock first masterfully deployed by Fleet Street.

    George Zimmerman’s Brother Pimping Comparison Of Trayvon Martin And Alleged Georgia Baby-Killer

    The evolving, shifting narrative has now come to a place where the tide of truth will soon wash away the odorous effluent.

    Even if every word that George Zimmerman says is true, Trayvon Martin was still only guilty of beating a man who was stalking him with a gun. Endquote.

    The Progressive Propaganda machine is losing not this battle, they are now losing the war of perception, and they are losing their minds over it.

  4. Hi Bori :-). Followed your link from my branch at the CTH. I’ll be sure to continue checking out your blog. More of a reader than commenter some of the time, but will add to the conversation as best I can.

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