State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman

With the Conservative Treehouse not hosting the Daily GZ thread, some of us who had gathered there daily have been tossed to the winds  DiwataMan and his great blog ( is continuing the coverage, I have used his coverage in this blog before and will continue to use his many great skills, yet while his coverage is continuous is does not have a Daily Thread to share thoughts. Rumpole has another wonderful blog that contains a GZ thread and follows many other wonderful subjects and notorious criminal cases around the world at

Great blogs both but not dedicated to the GZ case.  I started this blog in May 2012 and my first article was about bloggers and their influence in our daily lives, and a critique on the MSM in their coverage of the George Zimmerman case.  I continue to write but did not publish as I found the coverage at the Conservative Treehouse and I were touching on the same subjects, and they were doing a much better job at it, than I was.

So I am now restarting, hoping to give anyone that misses the Daily GZ thread, another alternative, to come and share, discuss, argue all the elements of the case.  I am hoping that all those who participated and participate in the other blogs dedicated to GZ will come and give my blog a try.





  1. If prosecution had published this picture TO START WITH, it would have been impossible for Crump and Guttman to create the lie that Trayvon did not smash George in the face – in the first place. Now we are dealing with the lies created by DeeDee and Crump-Corey to prosecute an innocent man. We are all here to defend George’s right to be protected against the BGI attacks on HIS Civil Rights.

    • There is so much in this case that could have been avoided. Your point about the picture is a great one, specially because in Florida with its Sunshine Laws it would have been released anyhow.

      This is another clear indication that implicates the prosecution, as not looking for Justice, but engaged in a persecution to appease the masses.

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